On residential unfinished in Lugansk, Kovel and Khmelnitsky allocated 29 million USD

Government of Ukraine 29.68 million UAH from the state budget for the completion of construction of houses in Kovel (Volyn region)., Lugansk and Khmelnitsky.

The appropriate procedure for the use of state funds approved by the Cabinet of Ministers № 639 of July 18, the text of which is published on the website of the government. According to the document, 14.72 million UAH will be allocated in the budget of the program for the completion of a residential building on ul.Generala Lashina, 186 in Lugansk. On completion of the zhildoma on ul.Gastello, 15 in Khmelnytsky government allocated 7.6 million USD, a residential building on Ul.Vatutina, 706 in Kovel — 7.36 mln

After commissioning of these houses apartments will be handed over to citizens according to signed contracts with developers, as well as under loan agreements with State Fund for Youth Housing and its regional offices.

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