On Roslavl SAS opened mass production of wheel sets with cluster bearings

The implementation of innovative projects in the field of car building at JSC "Roslavlsky SAS" has been further developed with the commissioning of a site of manufacturing wheelset bearings cassette. Labor of the workers, engineers, plant embodied in the creation of new production, equipped with modern press equipment, diagnostics and control, lifting equipment.

— The idea of constructing the installation of wheel sets with cluster bearings originated in 2009 after the commissioning of the site for the production of finishing car axles — said the chief engineer of "Roslavlsky SAS ‘Viktor Karmal.

— Who is the railway network operated wheel sets with the so-called roller bearings, the transition to which occurred in the 70 years of the last century. To date, these wheel sets are outdated and do not meet the requirements of a number of contemporary, including turnaround, reliability, maintainability, etc. Are replaced by a pair of wheel bearings with cluster.
The design of the bearing cassette implemented technical solutions derived from the number of applied scientific research in our country and abroad. The design based on the concept of the module, ready for installation, which has an increased service life and improved reliability, maintenance-free for the entire period of operation. The main advantages — low life-cycle costs, increased safety performance, weight reduction, simplification of installation. The introduction of cassette-type bearings in the construction of wheel sets of freight wagons aims to increase the turnaround of the car to 500,000 miles instead of 160,000 have now exploited, improved traffic safety and reducing the cost of manufacture and repair of wheel sets. 
— Thanks to the radical reconstruction of the department running parts, held in recent years, has increased manifold capacities for wheelsets, bogies — continues to VN Karmal. — In the market a new form of wheel sets used in the construction of rolling stock, we occupy, by the most conservative estimates, about 15%. This is a very good indicator, given the level of competition and the fact that we have come to the market in 2007. In an average year can realize 12,000 wheelsets. This amount is sufficient to meet the annual needs of wheel pairs of large wagon works, and we provide a cart wheel and own production of car-building (and it is more than 8,000 wheel sets per year).
— Who delivers enterprise cluster bearings?
— The American company AmstedReyl, mastered their production in Russia and understand the prospects of our market. Three years ago, the first wagons of manned by cluster bearings have appeared on the Russian railway network. That’s when we decided, if we want to catch the moment when the product will be mass-demand, engaged in construction of the site and its "filling" is now.
— Time?
— Not only in time, but came under the beginning of serial production of several car-building factory cars with innovative wheel sets. Their own power is not in a position to provide the output cluster wheelsets to the extent necessary. It is also important that the new program is in addition to the production of, and does not replace the existing program in the factory production of conventional wheelsets.
— Viktor, the factory there is an acute shortage of production space. How to come out of the situation?
— Found a small "snout" near the building site for the production of new trucks and made an addition to it.
— For a complete wheelset axle factory used?
— The axis of the axial section of our unified, fits under the wheel set of old and new types.
In general, no axial section we would have a big problem. Having launched the line in 2009, at the crisis in 3.5 years we have manufactured over 65,000 axes. This is an extremely high demand products and the free market is almost non-proliferation.

— Can you identify the type of wheel pair in appearance?
— Wheel sets with new bearings will be released in two types. Cartridge bearings can be assembled with conventional axle box body, in this case, it is visually indistinguishable from the old wheelset. The second option — the bearing housing has the functions of the body upper part. When assembling the truck with a pair of wheels adapter is used.
March 19th section for the production of wheel sets with cluster bearing its first products. Since April 1, the serial production of the product.
Mastering perspective for the plant product — wheel sets with axle assemblies with bearings, cassette-type — has been certified installation quality cluster of conical bearing unit (TBU) from the company BRENCO Corporation AmstedRail, which was awarded to the plant March 19, 2013 by Mark A. Yancey — CEO Ltd. "EPK-Brenco Bearing Company".
Obtaining a certificate from a foreign company — one of the international leaders in the production of bearings, including for railway rolling stock — deserved recognition of the collective success of "Roslavlsky SAS" under the leadership of general manager Yu Chernyak.

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