On Sakhalin, commissioned a new railway bridge

On Sakhalin, on the eve of the Day of the railwayman completed construction of a new bridge on the 460 km line Korsakov — Nogliki.

The project for the reconstruction of the island on a network-wide standard gauge of 1520 mm in the Sakhalin region of the Far Eastern Railway made switching operation of trains on the new bridge. Its construction began in March.

In accordance with the design decision specialists "Sakhalin Mostootryad" built on its original site on the centerline of the main run of the railway, but first had to build a workaround. Property price about 155 million rubles.



— The length of the new building 41.5 meters. This is the second of four troubled bridges at the site, all of them this year will be replaced by new ones, — said the deputy head of the path of the Sakhalin region Sergey Kim. — These bridges were built in the 70s of the last century. Marshy places here, which is why a negative impact on the sub grade and bridges more aggressively. Recent years, these hauls we had to limit the rate periodically. After the commissioning of the other bridges on this stretch of the problem will be permanently removed.

In total this year will be put into operation five new bridges, in addition, two of the old bridge will be replaced with culverts. Thus, the amount of development funds by establishing bridges put into operation this year will amount to 586.7 million rubles.
Recall that the project on the reconstruction of the island highway continental dimension gauges in the current year will lay 60 kilometers of new track panel, 55.3 kilometer rail lashes, while others work on the modernization of the railway track — only 2.016 billion rubles, the press service of the railway road.

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