On Sakhalin today are building so that in the new housing estates had everything needed for a comfortable life

The earthquake that devastated the city Nevel’sk in August 2007, was a turning point in the development of housing in the Sakhalin region.

Social housing is not built on Sakhalin since the early 1990s. A little luxury residential real estate, mostly in traditional technologies, erected in the regional center — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in small volumes of individual buildings was conducted. The construction industry has been focused primarily on the performance of contracts in the oil and gas exploration Sakhalin shelf. Today, the industry is booming.

Nevelskaya earthquake revealed and gratifying fact — high quality work island builders. All the buildings of the city, built 20-30 years ago and are not designed for impact of elements of 7 points, to stand. Of course, many of them after the examination were declared unfit for further use, but none of them collapsed.

The disaster has left without a roof over your head about a thousand families. Before Sakhalin authorities and builders faced a difficult task — as soon as possible to ensure flood-hit housing.

"We made it, — said Minister of Construction of the Sakhalin region Elena Ivashov — although had to mobilize all available forces and resources. Played a role in ending the massive oil and gas infrastructure construction projects. The released power we were able to refocus on eliminating the consequences of the earthquake. In addition, our builders are able to master a variety of technology rapid construction of buildings, which in our islands before been used in a relatively small scale, in particular the technology of modular construction. As a result, a few months after the disaster, people have started to receive the first habitation ".

Everything has an end. Came to an end and the rehabilitation of the affected city. On the ground, the recent vacant lots appeared smooth neat rows of three-story houses. Again, the question arose: what’s next, how to use the building capacity to maintain the momentum? To solve this issue can only correspond to the performance front work. Such was the plan input to 350 thousand square meters of housing per year by 2015. For comparison, in the mid-2000s, the region was built about 50 thousand square meters of housing, mainly on a commercial basis.

To reverse the situation, it was necessary to define new priorities for spending the regional treasury. As a result of the regional budget for social programs acquired. Investments in construction drew to a rise in production in other areas. In the crisis year 2009, Sakhalin builders have handed over 150 thousand square meters of housing a year later — 200 thousand in all, the pace of growth in construction, even the global financial crisis has not affected. In the first eight months of this year has already commissioned 87 thousand square meters of housing, which is a third of the annual plan. Without breaking a long-standing tradition of building, the missing hand over the end of the year. Individual developers built 33.8 thousand square meters of housing.

In recent work on Sakhalin even became interested in building companies from other regions of the country as well as abroad. They are attracted by the effective demand for housing, and support from the regional authorities.

Today on the territory of Sakhalin and the Kurils acts regional target housing program through 2015. The main objective — to increase the volume of housing construction, in particular through the development of engineering and transport infrastructure, reduce the proportion of old and dilapidated housing stock in the region. Important role in addressing these challenges given to the introduction of the practice of public-private partnerships.

But the key difference between the program is that it creates for people with moderate incomes system of state support and the development of cooperation, which will enable them to acquire a dwelling in accordance with social standards and are mainly based on market practices.

In general, the implementation of the program of activities for the whole time of its action plans to spend 11 billion rubles. Approximately half of this amount will provide the regional budget. Another 750 million will give municipalities the area. The remaining costs — more than 5 billion — will be covered by extra-budgetary sources, primarily personal resources of individuals and private investors. However, the regional authorities are hoping that they will bring to the program of the Institute of State: Federal Fund for Housing Development Fund, the reform of housing and communal services, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.

"The main mechanism of providing housing for program participants become involved in the construction of housing co-operatives, — says Elena Ivashov. — In addition, we provide state support for different categories of people. This social benefits, which make up 30 to 50 percent of the actual cost per square meter of housing under construction.
For state support is available for those who got registered as in need of better housing conditions before March 1, 2005, young families, including single-parent, young scientists and public sector workers. Start building societies can and citizens living in the Sakhalin region, at least 18 years old and have a regular job and enough income to participate in construction "

Today on Sakhalin recorded four co-op, two in the regional center and one each in the cities of Korsakov and Kholmsk. Soon, a citizens’ association will appear in Aniwa.

In most municipalities ordered by the regional government conducted an inventory of land suitable for housing development. Need to identify areas that could be free to provide for individual building large families with three or more children. Lot Size with painted engineering services and road will be from 10 to 20 acres per family. The relevant draft law proposed by Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, recently adopted the Sakhalin regional Duma. This document also provides for the free provision of land housing cooperatives.

Mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has developed its own investment project that provides comprehensive building the village of Far, which is part of the city. It will house the house with all associated infrastructure for two thousand families. The project will create the conditions for a comfortable stay in a remote part of the regional center.

"No matter how we tried to make housing affordable, the vast majority of citizens still not able to put out of his pocket for the construction of the necessary amount — said Ivashov. — Those who can afford it, participate in our program are not interested. So, of course, most people will have to take out loans under the housing under construction. Ministry of economic development of the Sakhalin Region conducted selection of credit institutions to participate in the program. Moreover, between bankers unfolding competition for the opportunity to finance the program participants. So, I think Sakhalin will not just take the credit, but also to choose the most convenient and profitable ".

By 2015, it is expected to lower the average cost per square meter in the region to 35-45 thousand rubles. To do this, developed a series of measures. First, the emphasis is on integrated development. Second, the Treasury incurs costs to provide serviced land plots intended for construction. Third, the right to participate in the program will receive only those developers who are willing to build housing at a price that conforms to the established framework. Willing enough, the builders of the Sakhalin there is fierce competition for contracts with state participation.

Another i
mportant factor in reducing the cost per square meter will start on Sakhalin factories for the production of brick and cement, using, in particular, and local raw materials. Just recently, in the vicinity of the regional center has earned a cement plant. Brick will be launched soon in Dolinskom area. Before such production in Sakhalin was not, therefore, necessary materials builders were forced to import from the mainland, which naturally affected the price of the finished housing — produce new plants should significantly reduce the cost of it.

Nevelskaya earthquake has once again firmly reminded: Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands belong to the zone of high seismic activity. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the regional authorities — to ensure public safety. In recent years, the field being built homes that meet the requirements of comfort, safety and seismic safety. Such buildings can withstand an earthquake of 9 points.

On behalf of President Dmitry Medvedev on Sakhalin Island since 2009 in full swing implementation of activities of the federal target program "Improving the sustainability of housing, essential facilities and life support systems in seismic regions of the Russian Federation for 2009-2014".
The region is developing four key areas: under research and development activities, to develop design and construction documents for seismic reinforcement of the results of engineering and seismic survey is under construction, the relevant requirements, the priority works are carried out on seismic objects. Thus, consistently solve a specific task — the assessment of seismic hazard areas of municipalities to provide earthquake resistance of buildings and structures.

In December last year, the President instructed the regions to develop and implement a program of reconstruction of existing and construction of new kindergartens. Adopted the document and Sakhalin. The main goal — to make more affordable preschools. For Sakhalin and the Kuriles, this problem is very crucial. In the 1990s, kindergartens on islands are often closed and changed the line. As a result of the 400 pre-schools there are only 143. By 2015, the plan to create 7.5 million additional seats in kindergartens — as a result of existing queue halved.

Besides the construction of new gardens in the major overhaul of secondary schools, is expected to open in them, and pre-school groups. Steps are being taken to return to the municipality building kindergartens, previously leased to repair after they could again work as intended.

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