On SatIZe began production equipment and tools for KAMAZ

Between JSC "SatIZ" (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.) And repair and toolmaker Group OJSC "KAMAZ" signed a contract for the manufacture of special equipment and measuring tools.


In accordance with the first specification of JSC "Saturn-Tool Plant" will produce about 30 different kinds of special tools and measuring tools at the customer’s drawings — Repair Tool Factory Group OJSC "KAMAZ". Repair-tool factory provides the leading enterprise tools and equipment, provides repair, maintenance equipment to use, engaging in procurement of necessary tools.

Focusing on the more high-tech tool production, working in high-tech industries, such as aviation, engine building, to which is a subsidiary of "NPO" Saturn "- JSC" Saturn-Tool Plant ", OJSC" KAMAZ "takes on a reliable manufacturer products of a quality that meets the strict requirements of aviation standards and satisfies the most demanding customer.

"In turn SatIZ today focuses on those customers for whom the first place is the quality of the purchased equipment and tools involved in the technological preparation of production and, consequently, the ability to produce quality products, — said the commercial director of" SatIZ "Maxim myastsa — therefore, the acquisition of the "KAMAZ" is a measure of confidence on the part of large industrial companies to our tool factory. "

Work on the production of tools and equipment for the Group "KAMAZ" in JSC "Saturn-Tool Plant" has already begun. Term of delivery of finished products to the customer — 3-4 quarter of 2013.

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