On settlement of the Irkutsk and not only …


I think it is time once again to report on the construction of "Irkutsk settlement."

Of course leaving the governor D.Mezentseva a negative impact on the pace of construction, it’s been his baby. The new governor S.Eroschenko not paying so much attention to "Irkutsk settlement," he has another "obsession."

But despite this, most of the settlements already built and in the past year has become more or less complete form, now it’s not decoration.




Opened many restaurants and shops.



On most of the buildings included the backlight.



Cozy Corner.



All elements of the district forged in the same style.


















Finally invented a way to hide konitsionery, everywhere would be so!


It is good placement quality granite tiles, it has already gone through a few seasons, but still is perfect.



The planetarium is ready, it remains to establish the equipment, but the issue of funding is decided hard.


In dovecote also still quiet.


Main entrance to the museum "noosphere" and a planetarium.




Nearing completion SEC "Quarter".





The last frame of the "Irkutsk settlement."


Manor Trubetskoys is far beyond the settlement, but also deserves attention. The museum was opened in late 2011 after a 5-year-old meticulous restoration.



Museum of the History of Irkutsk.


Moscow Gates on Angara embankment. The gates are already one and a half years, but still kept secret the name of the patron, whose money and restored.


Continuing the theme of patronage. In his backyard one private dentistry in 2012 established a sculpture park.


Served as the center of the square clock tower, set for the anniversary of 2011.



16 +



The book is good.


Rodin thinker.





Monument Irkutsk cats in the new public garden, gift, too. In general, it is good that revives a long tradition of philanthropy, as many public buildings were built in Irkutsk once patrons.


Distinctive architectural character of Irkutsk — this is a strange mixture of eras and styles. Massive wooden huts, many of which more than a half century, side by side here with Stalin’s Empire style, and the Baroque cathedrals and churches — with a modernist merchants’ mansions and constructivism NEP. Time has made the center of Irkutsk his treasure: the era succeeded each other, but from every city has its own special story remains, embodied in wood, stone and urban legends. It is only natural that today, the historical center of Irkutsk is included in the tentative list of World Heritage Sites.



A former merchant’s house Shastina, now sitting here the Committee on Culture of the city. In the courtyard is a chic square twin cities of Irkutsk with bronze gifts for 350 years, but there is not a favor. Numerous attempts to enter the territory culminated in failure.


Transfiguration Church.


Agricultural Academy.



Old homestead near Irkutsk Volkonskiis.



The oldest synagogue in Russia, survived two devastating fires (Irkutsk Large fire in 1879 and the fire 2004goda).


In this house was born in 1909, outstanding designer Michael L. Mil helicopters.

Another famous monument from Irkutsk.


Hint, if anyone had thought.


Explore the old architecture of Irkutsk can be years. Every age, every style is left in a huge number of masterpieces.



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