On Sinarsky pipe factory installed new equipment to repair the cutting tool

On Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), as part of the company’s investment program in tube-rolling shop № 3 installed new equipment manufacturing firms Vollmer and Gerling (Germany) for the complex repair of cutting tools.

Included — automatic machine model CHM-400 is designed to sharpen the front and rear faces of the tooth carbide saw blades by wet grinding on the oil, machine soldering of saw teeth model GLH-2000.

The distinctive features of the new generation equipment are automation of the process through software, eliminating the work of the so-called human factor, as well as modern fire fighting and cooling, low power consumption.

This is the second stage of the program of modernization of equipment in service workshop shop. Previously been commissioned machine CHMF-400, designed for sharpening carbide side surfaces of the teeth of circular saws and filter system.

Commissioning, and training of personnel and site workers, LLC "Repair and Engineering Centre" Ekaterinburg ", which in the future will serve automated systems, conducted by specialists of the supplier.

"The new equipment meets all the requirements and standards — said the managing director of SinTZ Sergei Chetverikov. — It will significantly improve the performance and quality of the cutting tool repair, improve working conditions, reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. But the main result — is to improve the quality of pipe cutting. "

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