On Sinarsky pipe plant launched in pilot operation Plots of long pipes

On Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) in cold shop number 2 (B-2) launched in pilot production site for the production of long tubes for the nuclear industry, mechanical engineering, fuel and energy complex.

This investment project is implemented within the framework of the strategic development of the company, which aims to expand the assortment of cold pipes, optimizing the production flow by placing the equipment in two main aisle and reduce process cycle.

New production plant allows to produce cold-pipe up to 24 meters, the production of which in Russia is still not implemented. Lengthy tubes used in heat exchangers and other constructions, wherein the liquid and the vapor are under high pressure and at high temperature. These conditions require high strength properties of pipe structures, including at the expense of the optimal number of joints that provided by the use of long tubes.

During the construction was mounted rack inspection at the site preparation blank upgraded drawing machine "Chevalier," a force of 30 tons of cold rolling mills and tube HPT and HPT-55-75-through gas furnace installed with a protective atmosphere Ebner, desyativalkovy right camp Bronx, a line of non-destructive control Eddyscan, line pipe cutting and inspection rack for inspection of pipes Prestar, organized a loading of long pipes and modernized railway lines and gates.

In the course of the project have been greatly improved working conditions of the production staff. They comply with the latest requirements and standards in the field of occupational health and safety. Completely eliminated manual labor, installed automated control panels, equipped with modern air conditioning. In the area of the location of the replacement of obsolete equipment and fixed ceiling lighting for more efficient energy saving.

"The development of the production of long cold pipes will allow the company to strengthen its position in the segment of this specific products demanded in strategic industries, — said General Director of TMK Alexander Shiryaev. — As a result of the project, we will be able to better meet the needs of our customers in the long-length tubes and thus meet the highest quality standards required to produce them. "

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