On SinTZ completed performance tests of new equipment


 On Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), a tube-rolling shop № 2 (T-2) completed performance tests magneto complex "Uran-3000S", which retrofit installation of ultrasonic testing (UT) "Mayak-8 SinTZ, "and" scanner 5.03. "

Retrofitting lines CPO realized in the framework of the strategic investment "Program implementation and upgrade equipment SinTZ to improve the quality of oil country tubular goods."

Manufacturer and supplier of magnetic induction complex "Uran-3000S" — UralNITI (Ekaterinburg). The equipment includes computer system, magneto control module defects, degaussing system of pipes, paint marking system defects.

New magneto complex, construction of which incorporate the latest advances in the field of non-destructive testing of pipes allows for high-precision control based on magnetic flux leakage to identify specific defects in the longitudinal orientation of the outer and inner surfaces of the pipe.

Together with staff from the SinTZ and representatives of the manufacturer involved in the project implementation specialists of restructured enterprises — "SinaraProekt" and "Repair and Engineering Centre" Ekaterinburg ". In the process of the introduction of equipment have been trained radiographers and staff RTTSS.

Run a pilot operation mounted complex NDT equipment is planned in March.

"Conducting Magnetic Induction Pipe Inspection along with ultrasound — a requirement today — said the managing director of SinTZ Sergei Chetverikov. — The combination of two methods of control is an essential requirement of most customers tubular products, and this is key to our cooperation with customers. "

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