On Solombalskaya shipyard (Arkhangelsk region). Began construction of a new slipway

GC "optimist" in conjunction with "North-guarantor" and LLC "Nord-C" are included in the NP "Red Forge", started the construction of a pneumatic salvage facilities in the Solombalskaya shipyard.

The future meets the requirements of modern hydraulic engineering, is an inclined plane, which will be the construction of the vessel, as well as repairs and subsequent free descent on his special-purpose pneumatic roller-bags supplied by the vessel to the desired path. Such slip-system provides easy and reliable operation, laying vessels on a roller-bags and planting of ships carried out quickly and safely. Slips of this type are the most versatile and sophisticated.

"A Place in the building chosen by chance — says the Executive Director of" Red Forge "Yuri Knocking — Solombalskaya shipyard — one of the few currently companies, specializing in the production of timber tonnage of vessels for sea and river swimming. Founded the company in 1911 and originally was called "Pomorski Elling." it was intended to repair the Pomeranian sailing fleet and building new, smaller vessels.

The main objective of non-commercial partnership "Red Forge" is a continuation of the traditions of the Arkhangelsk shipbuilding. Solombala many years has been, and remains today the center of the civil shipbuilding and ship repair in the Northwest District. Many technological innovations were tested and implemented in the production of the first here. Thanks to modern slip-system Archangel shipbuilding, ship repair companies get a huge advantage over their Russian and foreign competitors. "


Since we are talking about the "Red Forge," then let me voice and one more "news. "In quotation marks because it is what happened in August, but there was bypassed by this website.

August 3 at the docks Group "Optimist" was launched self-propelled barge fire. The uniqueness of the event is that the modern high-tech vessel has no analogues in the world. According to its tactical and technical characteristics, it exceeds all known special-purpose vessels and is the author of the design development of the member enterprises of noncommercial partnership "Red Forge."

"An innovative approach to shipbuilding is our priority — said the executive director of the non-commercial partnership" Red Forge "Yuri Knocking — Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, while serving as president of Russia has defined innovation as it is the main vector in the development of Russian enterprises. So competitive now is to introduce to the market a modern, high demand product innovation. "

This barge — is the next order of MOE. She is able to put out fires on water bodies, island territories — 110m range of the water jet., The maximum length of a fire hose over 8 km. Also on board is hydraulic system to perform various tasks, also provides cabin rescued 10 people.

In the creation of the barge attended college graduates Archangel waterways named SN Marinova. "Making the most modern vessels interesting process for young professionals — the director of college Vyacheslav Kozlov — Our students and alumni through participation in such projects receive an unforgettable experience, which only reinforces the desire to pursue a career in the region and dedicate it entirely shipbuilding and ship repair"

Already at the end of September barge successfully tested

Shown in the test results exceeded expectations in all respects. According to the executive director of "Red Forge" Jury Stuk, unique innovative products Arkhangelsk enterprises — the basis of the development of the region. Small and medium-sized enterprises of the region are quite ready to pull the economy out of Pomerania to the forefront — we need only the interest and assistance of the Government of the Arkhangelsk region. Today, the production capacity of enterprises partnership loaded by 98%. There is an incentive for growth and development.

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