On Sosnovskoye NW began construction of a third supply vessel

On Sosnovskoye shipyard the laying of the keel of the third supply vessel for Kamchatka project DCV47 (building number 10502).
The customer is the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation. The project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Characteristics of the vessel:
Overall length — 42.6 m;
Length between pp — 38.4 m;
overall width — about 8.82 m;
width — 8.6 m;
summer freeboard draft — 2 m;
Full speed — 9 knots;
power of main engines — 2 to 256 kW;
RS class — KM Ice 2 R1 AUT3 OMBO;
of the load on the cargo deck — 15 tonnes per axle vehicles or tracked vehicle weight up to 60 tons;
container capacity, TEU — 12 units;
cargo crane — 7.3 m (20 m boom).
Bookmark the lead ship of the project DCV47 «SOSNOVKA-1" was held on 13.01.10. Bookmark the second vessel "SOSNOVKA-2" was held 18.01.10. Bookmark the third ship of the series took place on 28.02.11.
In total, this contract is planned to build four of the supply vessel.

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