On SSBN Yury Dolgoruky St. Andrew’s flag raised!

Today in Severodvinsk on the "PO" Sevmash "solemn ceremony of raising the Navy flag on the strategic missile submarine K-535 destination" Yury Dolgoruky ". The head submarine of project 955 "Borey" accepted into the Russian Navy!

By SSBN-535 "Yuri Dolgoruky" (Serial number 201) was laid down on the "Sevmash" November 2, 1996, becoming the head of Project 955 missile carriers "Northwind". In 1997, due to lack of funding the construction of nuclear submarines was stopped and resumed only in 2003 already on the adjusted project.

The need to adjust was caused by the replacement of the main weapons — a solid fuel ballistic missile R-39UTTH "Bark" on the P-30 "Bulava", as well as the desire to use a production backlog of unfinished hull structures submarine project 971.

In particular, the construction of the "Yury Dolgoruky" used sections of the K-337 "Cougar".

Finally, February 12, 2008 a new SSBN was launched on 21 November of the same year there have been physical start-up of its reactor. From March to May 2009 in outfitting the wall "Sevmash" passed mooring trials, after which the submarine began sea trials program of the factory, which was successfully completed in June 2011.

28 June, 27 August, 28 October and 23 December 2011 SSBN "Yury Dolgoruky" completed successfully launching SLBMs "Mace", with the final launch was dvuhraketnym gulp.


Displacement overwater: 14720 tons

Displacement underwater: 24,000 tons

Main dimensions: length — 170 m, width — 13.5 m, depth — 10 m

Maximum Speed (surfaced): 15 knots

Maximum speed (underwater): 29 knots

The depth of the dive (operating): 380 m

The depth of the dive (Max): 450 m

Cruising range: unlimited

Run time: 100 days.

Crew: 107 people.


16 ICBM R-30 "Bulava"

to 4 533 mm bow torpedo tubes

Photo Oleg Kuleshovand from the siteairbase.ru (Clickable)

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