On strengthening the Navy

On the basis of 242 Airborne Training Centre (Omsk) from May to begin training under the program of intensive military training. Education course is organized as a "survival" of intense cycle, during which practiced a situation as close to the fighting as in nature, and in the stress on students. Interestingly, of the approximately 800 military personnel, which will be held in the course of May and June, "winged infantry" are only about 200. The rest will come from the parts of the Southern Military District. This is due to the fact that the training of Navy and so quite intense, and the experience of organizing similar courses at training centers Airborne considerable. Such courses should be made mandatory for all educational centers Russian Armed Forces. Until the end of the year the course will be held in Omsk, more than 2,000 soldiers.


Since the individual sniper units are formed in the Army Now (company of three platoons), to prepare them for the district training centers set up sniper school. Instructors for them are Solnechnogorsky sniper training in the training center (the famous courses of "The Shot"). Earlier sniper training was conducted in linear units, just as the training of fighters with a sniper rifle in the office or platoon. Individual units and individual sniper sniper training course not. No exception, and Airborne. In March, at the site of the 106th Guards. Airborne Division were competitions for the best sniper pair Airborne.

In general, except for the increased intensity of combat training in all divisions Navy, are now trying to hold much tighter final inspection. So, now ends with the final inspection for winter training. Commission will be held in all divisions, checking VUSam training, the quality of weapon and equipment. And this is — more shooting, exits and jumping, which only increases the overall intensity of training and make more responsible approach to her commanders and personal. composition. In general, this is correct, because the norms dispensed to practice ammunition, fuel and other logistical range increased by several times, and now you can claim a proportional quality of training. Basically need one hundred percent coverage of personnel-goal classes four times a year.

In addition to classes and tests, the most important form of combat training are teaching. In March, after the completion of individual training and teamwork training divisions, platoons and companies, IN ALL formations and units were airborne battalion exercises. The total number of exercises for the current year increased from the previous 25%. And up to 30% of the curriculum include exercises at night. Will be binding on marches of at least 100 km. at the standard technique. There will be separate artillery and air defense exercises Airborne.

In Airborne Division received the first six sets of small-sized detectors air targets (MRLO) "Accordion". In fact, it is a portable radar, mounted on a tripod, which detects air targets such as aircraft or helicopter drone, and determine their state. membership and its fix the battery MANPADS. Adoption MRLO improves the efficiency of calculation of MANPADS, as the main disadvantage of this easy means of defense is non-automatic guidance. In the modern combat shooter with MANPADS just can not manage to get ready to shoot and to carry out a takeover target, if not be warned in advance of its appearance and course. A portable systems such as "needle" form the basis of airborne air defense as easily transported. MRLO integrated into the new automated system of command and control (ASUV) "Andromeda-D", which basically allows you to warn of the approach of the identified airborne targets all users of the system. A combined arms tactical set of similar purpose "Barnaul-T" is not portable, but also integrated into the tactical system of command and control.

Another essential component of "Andromeda" — a complex intelligence, control and communication (CRUZ) "Sagittarius". It is a personal computing device, matched with almost any domestic reconnaissance and communications, can interact with Protractor, portable radar devices targeting, targeting and UAV. It allows you to give an accurate target information in real-time means of destruction (such as artillery, and aircraft). In addition, data from CRUZ also coming into the overall tactical information "Andromeda". This allows all units to have an idea about the enemy in time to put him to fire damage to any of the available funds, to avoid unnecessary losses from poorly informed and friendly fire. For target designation, the complex can not only provide data in the shared components ASUV, but also to interact directly with the ABSU artillery and tactical aircraft.

For example, during the exercises "Center-2011" was worked out CRUZ direct interaction with aviation complex SVP-24 (for the Su-24 bombers). Targeting data was carried out in real time, airplanes already in the air. The parameters of the explored CRUZ goals displayed on the tactical map navigator Su-24 almost immediately after application of the blips on the tactical map CRUZ scout. A little distracted, I will say that the equipment is capable of SVP series several times to increase the effectiveness of aviation, even in a simple modernization of obsolete equipment and without the use of precision weapons.
Besides Navy, "Archer" will be equipping all staff for intelligence Sun After the test, the first examples, the decision was made to purchase for the trial operation of several foreign models, such as «FELIN», «IdZ-ES» and «Normans». According to the results issued terms of reference for revision of domestic Cruz, and in the amended form it into service.

Now, the most complex "Andromeda-D." This is a full automated system of command and control of tactical and operational level. It is a development of the Soviet ASUV "maneuver" and its immediate predecessor — the tactical ASUV "Flight-K." Unlike alternative systems — ESU TK "Sozvezdie2M" brigade level, which still needs to be improved and further integration with the "Acacia" operational level "Andromeda" already includes a single control loop all the links from a soldier to command Navy. This is due to the fact that the customer "Andromeda" were airborne, which is known to have kept divisional structure and the nature of the application, have greater autonomy of action. Airborne units have their own artillery and air defense within the theater of operations to perform their tasks, often in isolation from the main force and not relying on the support of multiservice group. In addition, the Navy Reserve Command remain and can perform highly independent tasks, including outside Russia. And therefore they can not afford a separate tactical and operational systems.

The system has a modular design management tools, and unified hardware and software. Control points are integrated into a single display space environment. The system components are combined all the existing links: office — platoon — a company — a battalion — Regiment — Division — command. In addition to commanders at all levels in the system integrates all war machines and facilities. This speeds up the receipt of information about the enemy and the actions of their departments, decision-making and communicating orders, which in turn speeds up the execution of combat missions.

Updated Airborne parachute technique. Until the end of the year in the division received more than a hundred new parachute systems BSS-915 "Shelf" designed for landing airborne combat vehicles, as well as new mnogokupolnye system. Earlier Navy received more than
four thousand parachute D-10 for lich. composition and airborne intelligence units, parachutes like "wing", "Crossbow-2", allowing land to a considerable distance from the jump.

Today the Navy remains one of the most highly trained and highly mobile arms of Russia. The great length and breadth of the borders of the country, makes Airborne key element of defense. A transfer of 31th Brigade and the 98th Division of the Collective Rapid Response Forces CSTO, making them the power of even larger scale.

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