On Tevrizsky gas field drilling of wells

On Tevrizsky gas condensate field in the Omsk region, work is continuing to increase natural gas production. 

On the basis of an inactive gas well will drill an additional barrel to extract natural gas. The result is a virtually new production well, which will satisfy the demand for natural gas population of the three northern districts of the Omsk region in the coming years. As the First Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, communication and technology innovation of the Omsk region, Viktor Belov,
work place in accordance with the plan to drill a second hole with a gentle ending in the well number 5. At present, the well delivered new drilling equipment and drilling commenced. In the near future — to conduct seismic surveys in the area Tevrizsky and drill two new wells. These works are carried out within the framework of a long-term target program "Development of Tevrizsky Zhuravlevskiy and subsoil of the Omsk region."

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