On the Admiralty Shipyards started assembling sections of the submarine Novorossiysk

On the stocks "Admiralty Shipyards" began work on the assembly of sections of diesel-electric submarine "Novorossiysk" Project 636. As the "Fontanka" in the enterprise, in the shops of the plant Admiralty started cutting metal for the installation of a submarine. It is designed for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, so named after the large port center of the Black Sea coast. According to acting General Director of the Company, Mikhail Alexandrov, the transfer of the submarine the Navy of Russia to be held in 2013. For the Black Sea sailors in the shipyards will mark two more submarines of this series. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2014. PL "Novorossiysk" is one of the most successful in the series of diesel-electric submarines, designed to CDB ME "Rubin". Steel housing, designed to CRI "Prometheus" is made on the Izhora plants. Submarine Project 636 refers to the third generation of diesel-electric submarines, and is a modification of the submarine project 877 and 877 of the CME, known for its high performance characteristics. PL differ quiet operation speed, the presence of modern systems of navigation, communication, powerful rocket torpedoes. Maximum diving depth — 300 meters, endurance — 45 days, the crew — 52 people.

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