On the aggregate number 6 Boguchan plant pre-commissioning tests

On Boguchan plant began testing hydraulic unit number 6. On the eve of Technical Supervisory Authority issued a permit. At the initial stage of testing turbine unit checked at idle.

Tests conducted by the personnel of operational services of "Boguchan power plant". They also attended master-in-chief engineer of JSC "Power Machines" (manufacturer of hydraulic units), employees of JSC "Yenisei SGEM" mount equipment in 2012-2013.

The test program of the machine consists of several stages. Just before it was made filling the running of the unit and pressure compensation in the water line and volute. After that, a preliminary functional test systems, water supply and hydroelectric automation, control the speed of lowering repair gate.

In the next few days will be made drying hydraulic and high-voltage tests, which are conducted by the unit is stopped. These include the measurement of the insulation resistance of the windings, measurement of leakage current in the coils and windings test high power frequency voltage. The results shall meet the requirements of normative and technical documentation. If positive high voltage testing will begin work on the program of commissioning, inspection of the excitation system for the rotor stopped, the experiences of three-phase short circuit at the terminals of the unit, the experience of no-load generator. The final stage will be a test restart is number 6 in the network and a comprehensive test of all systems of the unit.

Hydro unit number 5 is ready for commissioning. His trials have been successfully completed in June 2013, and after receiving permission RTN unit will be delivered to the load. Number 7 on the unit finalized in the pre-commissioning. Contractors are piping installation and system management unit number 8. The installation of the guide blades and enclosures for instrumentation. Installed at regular places speed sensors. At the installation site is laying active iron rotor HA number 9. In the mine of this unit is an installation guide vane levers, wedges and welding rods to the stator.

Boguchanskaya plant resumed in 2006 by OJSC "RusHydro" and UC RUSAL after the conclusion of the Agreement on a joint project to build Boguchansky Energy and Metals Association (BEMA) as part of a long-term average Boguchan hydro power generation of 17,600 million kWh, an aluminum smelter capacity of 600 tons of metal per year.

The first three units Boguchan plant with station number 1, 2 and 3 were put into operation on November 27, the unit number 4 — January 21, 2013 after the completion of the test program.

The total capacity of units, committed RTN for commercial operation is 1332 MW, the real (including the filling of the reservoir hydropower plant to reach 188 meters) — 800 MW.

Daily output station exceeded 19.85 million kilowatt-hours.

In the first seven months of 2013 Boguchan plant has produced and delivered to the market combined energy and power (ADEM) 2.23 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, including in July 2013 — 605,820,000 kilowatt-hours.

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