On the Altai Tyre Plant will Extrusion Line Kvadropleks

May 5 to "Altai Tyre Plant" from Slovakia sent extrusion line "Kvadropleks", allowing to improve the quality characteristics of truck tires. As the press service of the company, the preparatory work for the installation of a new line on Ashk underway as planned.

The installation at the plant and commissioning of line "Kvadropleks" worth more than 180 million rubles will be completed by the end of 2011.

Ashk partner was a Slovak company Konstrukta Industry. According to the agreement, the foreign partners will be engaged not only manufacturing line, but also be fully responsible for its installation at the plant start-up operations. In parallel, the company will train engineers Slovak tire manufacturers, which, after the introduction of "Kvadropleksa" in the system will be served by the line.

The line "Kvadropleks" brings together in one extruder head 4. Therefore, it allows the sidewalls and treads for tires simultaneously 4-rubber mixtures. The main part of the extruder is a worm, which is quite different from those in the machines warm food (MCHT). Spiral worm supplemented recesses into which the body of the working cylinder includes mixing pins, allowing a more uniform (homogeneous) mixture and stable quality foods.

"Altai Tyre Plant" produces tires for domestic and import vehicles, and agricultural equipment. The product range includes aircraft tires combine civil and military aviation. Total — more than 100 items of tires for all types of transport.

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