On the areas of the former Kurgan apparel firm arose … Kurgan garment factory

In Kurgan revived once the largest company of light industry — sewing factory. Only now it has a new owner, the majority of the new team, a new line of clothing. It is no longer fashionable and not so casual and weekend attire for men and women, and uniforms. Now, LLC "Kurgan garment factory" carries a large government order for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs on tailoring forms for employees of the Interior.

In fact, the new venture was opened on the old areas of the former Kurgan apparel company. Renovated shop, purchased new equipment. Even the details of the future patterns of uniforms are drawn not by hand, and a special machine.

According to one of the owners of the enterprise Andrew Prokopieva, the team mainly young women interested in the job and earn a decent wage. Of course, much depends on the amount of work done, but for 14-15 shifts per month seamstresses receive 10-13 thousand, maybe more. Andrew Prokop’ev says that today the company is interested in frames, ready to take on the job is not only experienced seamstresses, but also very young employees, who will be able to pass the required training. By the way, one of the seamstresses, Svetlana Zubov, this year was awarded the prize of working youth, established by the head of the mound.

Note that a couple of years ago in Kurgan was eliminated Voyentorg studio, is subordinate to the Ministry of Defence. Qualified staff went under the cut. The company is also engaged in sewing uniforms for staff and special services and law enforcement, for the military, but the Ministry of Defence decided that sewing production is not profitable and preferred to close the shop.

However, judging by the mood of owners and management of the Kurgan garment factory, about any closure of its production, they do not even think, on the contrary, are aimed at further development.

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