On the assembly line began to go Promtractor new diggers

On the capacity of the plant "Promtractor" (Cheboksary, is a Concern "Tractor plants") started mass production of excavators CHETRA EGP2326.

For processing large parts (boom and platform) used excavator machines 32FZT lines B and C Company "Schiess". The new engine is equipped with a digger Cummins, hydraulics Bosh Rexroth, equipped with shower, made PromTraktor, with the interior of the Nizhny Novgorod company "PKF Folliplast."

CHETRA EGP2326 different hydraulic proportional control system and is designed to develop pits, trenches and pits in the ground I-IV categories for loading and unloading of bulk materials, loosened rocks and frozen soil. The machine can operate in the range of from +40 ° to -40 ° C, which promotes the automatic heating of the working fluid at low temperatures.

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