On the aviation industry until 2025 will allocate 1.7 trillion rubles

Industry and Trade Ministry has prepared a national program for the development of the aviation industry until 2025. Its implementation will require 1.7 trillion rubles. budget. With this money the manufacturers of aircraft components should go global and begin to supply its customers include major international companies. Other key objectives — increasing the share of Russian products on the global aircraft market to 10%, while in the helicopter industry — up to 30%. The document must be approved in April 2012.

In particular, the government is ready to spend on the 2015 draft MS-21 and SSJ each half to ten billion rubles annually. In addition, the program will be run "Airplane-2020", in which to create new products, including a small aircraft.

In addition, by 2016, the industry must create a new light helicopter weighing 2.5-4.5 tonnes, with 2016 to 2020 to begin mass market launch of civilian helicopters Mi-38, Ka-62, Mi-171A2, and the development of promising helicopters, among which the high-speed helicopter with a cruising speed of up to 350-450 km / h

There will also be devoted significant resources to the development of the production of components and the creation of automated aircraft.


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