On the Baltic naval base, a new tug


On the Baltic naval base (BVMB) Baltic Fleet arrived one of the three new harbor tug Project 90600, built in 2011. Tug "RB-42" will be part of the connection of auxiliary vessels base. Two other tugs will perform tasks as intended in the Leningrad Naval Base. Until the end of 2012 for the needs of the fleet will be built two tugs of the project.

Tugs 90600 project designed to perform towing and berthing operations at the port, the roads and in the coastal areas, as well as for fighting fires, oil spills and other functions.

Vessels built at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant JSC "Pella". In late 2011, they have successfully completed sea trials and the state selection committee signed the act on their acceptance. Harbor tugs of this project include a wide range of technical capabilities, engine power, efficiency and ease of use.

In the short term, planned to conclude contracts for the construction of the Baltic fleet integrated port services — floating cranes and medium-sized marine tankers





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