On the Baltic NPP made installation of the reactor containment unit number 1

At the construction site of the Baltic NPP unit completes the internal structures of reinforced concrete structures reactor building number 1, the press service of the station.
Work with a mark of -3.850 m to -1.250 m mark fulfill the builders of the contractor, LLC "HST" ("United Energy Construction Corporation", Moscow) under the control of a branch of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom", "Directorate for Construction of Baltic NPP" and the general contractor — JSC " NIAEP. "

In the first power reactor shaft where the device is installed melt localization ("melt trap" designed to hold the molten nuclear fuel), works on application of corrosion protection of metal plating. 200 micron thick coating is applied by arc spraying.

In accordance with the approved plan of thematic work continues on other objects unit number 1. So, in a building contractor safety experts "Stroytehsistema" perform work on the concrete slab at around -3.700 m at the facility "building management" builders "SMU-1" erect a wall with a mark -3.700 m to 0,400 m mark   

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