On the Baltic nuclear power plant started to develop a pit for the unit number 2


On the construction of the first power of the Baltic NPP started the main period of construction of the "nuclear island". It works on the device facing the base plate of the reactor building at the level of 8.7 meters, the reinforcement of the walls of the building security and building management foundation plates and auxiliary building.

June 20 at the site of the Baltic nuclear plant began work on the formation of excavation for the construction of major buildings construction of the second unit. The depth of excavation of the future should reach 14 m, which is about the height of a 5-storey residential building.

For the construction of the trench will have to take out about 890,000 cubic meters of earth. Remembering the children’s puzzle about the diggers: if one person per 8-hour work day may take about 2 cubic meters of soil (according to building regulations), for the construction of the trench by hand, one person could be spent in 1854. On the construction of the BNPP work is done with the help of technology, the clock, and is involved in the construction of major specialists. Therefore, the chief engineer of the nuclear power plant being built Directorate Alexander Chebotarev offers for our tasks is another solution: 20 excavators and 60 trucks are planning to complete the development of the pit after 3.5 months.

The amount of electricity generated by the two reactors Baltic nuclear power plant (2,300 MW) will exceed the needs of Kaliningrad’s electricity needs.

Thus, Kalingradskaya area gradually transformed from energy-deficient region, which it has become since the closure of the Ignalina nuclear power plant that supplied 30-40% potrebnosktey area in excess of energy region. Electricity production is estimated Baltic NPP:

* In 2017 — 4.3 billion kWh;
* In 2018 — 8.6 billion kWh;
* In 2019 — 12.9 billion kWh;
* In 2020 — 17.2 billion kWh; 

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