On the basis of ENIMS a Scientific-production consortium Innovative Machine Tool Industry

Experimental Research Institute of Machine Tools (ENIMS).

On the basis of ENIMS with Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Technical Institute of interdisciplinary information" (STEM), FSUE "GosTsSI" (CCA), the National Research Center of innovative technology and mechatronics engineering (NTSTM), the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI), LLC "YUMOK" JSC "VNIIALMAZ" (GK ROSTEHNOLO-GII) and JSC "NIIizmereniya" in order to effectively modernize the Russian machine-building industry, the defense industry development and basic industries established a scientific and industrial consortium "Innovative machine tools" to them. Prof. Kudinova VA (NPK IP).

NPK IP — open integrated structure, in which since 2012 expected participation of domestic research institutes, design, universities and engineering enterprises of different ownership forms, as it was in 2000-2005, format-Profit Partnership "The innovative machine-tool" when involving the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation were organized and successfully implemented the first research and production projects in the field of innovative machine tools.

Chairman of the Board of Directors elected CPP IS ACTING Director-General of ENIMS Leonid A. Maslennikov, Chairman of STC — Director of STEM Sergey Bezprozvannyh and Director — Advisor Gene. Director ENIMS Yuri Pavlovich richer.

1. SPC IS organized with the aim of developing engineering technologies and machine tools based mechatronic technologies and other industrial critical technologies, accelerating the creation of a competitive process and metrology equipment and control systems for civil and military engineering, scientific and engineering support priority development of innovative machine tools and conduct effective applied research development work and innovative projects in the field of machine tools and engineering, as well as training and retraining of specialists in these areas.

2. The main activities of SPC IS:

  • provide strategic marketing and development of the concept of development of innovative machine tools and engineering technologies for the medium-and long-term, strategic consulting and organization of project financing;
  • organizing and conducting applied research and R & D programs of technological development and innovation projects to develop innovative technologies and equipment for the defense industry and basic industries, as well as control systems and mechatronic components with the use of nanomaterials and nanoelectronics components with the financial support of the state budget and extrabudgetary sources;
  • commercialization of innovative engineering technologies and the organization of production of new equipment and complete management systems with electric drives, as well as the establishment of pilot samples of technological systems and computerized manufacturing products for civilian and dual-use;
  • technical education, training and retraining of specialists of different qualifications in the field of innovative machine tools, certification of quality management systems and machine tool;
  • organization of international scientific and technological cooperation and industrial cooperation in the field of innovative machine tools and machinery.


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