On the basis of PJSC NTP Pulse 2 presentation of the ship’s automatic firing module

For a long time it was assumed that in the current economic situation in Ukraine, the development of ship automatic medium caliber gun mount is not economically feasible. The creation of naval systems with a small caliber gun mounts as well no one did. This point of view was considered quite scientifically sound and almost axiomatic. But everything flows, everything changes. Defense Express readers are already familiar with the developments of the Private Joint Stock Company "Scientific and technical enterprise" Pulse 2 ", a partner of the International Public Organization" Academy safety of an open society. " Today, STP offers domestic security agencies a family ship missile and artillery units. 

June 20, 2013 in Sevastopol, on the basis of PJSC "NTP" Pulse 2 ", led by Assistant Secretary of Defence, Admiral Vladimir Maximov presentation in action (preliminary factory tests) automated ship combat module "Impulse-301." The presentation was attended by the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Admiral Kabanenko IV, Chief of the Defence Staff and mobilization planning the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Asgerov VH The work of the group of experts led by the naval commander of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral Ilyin Y. The presentation was also attended by First Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral S. Eliseev, Deputy Commander of the Navy, Chief of Logistics Logistics Rear Admiral Hayduk SA, officers, commanders of the Ukrainian Navy, the officers of the Academy of the Ukrainian Navy them. Nakhimov, the officers of the Scientific Center of the Academy of the Ukrainian Navy them. Nakhimov, officers CRI AME Ministry of Defence, Research Center "State Oceanarium", as well as CEO of PJSC "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" VN Kalashnikov, the representatives of the State Enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding," CDB "Chernomorets" Naval officers of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, representatives of SC "Ukroboronprom."

The presentation was demonstrated by an automatic weapon station with a 30-mm artillery installation "Impulse-301" provides general information about the new family of combat units and coming company plans to establish a naval gun mounts automatic caliber 57 and 100 millimeters.

During the report Chairman NTP "Pulse 2" said Vyacheslav Krivorog, that the development of a family of ship missile and artillery combat units was conducted now on its own initiative, without the use of budget funds, made possible through the execution of orders on behalf of foreign clients. In designing the new complex took into account the situation on the foreign market, versatile requirements of potential customers, used the experience gained over decades of development engineers and officers with the system owner, taking into account all the requirements of the guidelines.

It should be noted that earlier on behalf of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, a working group of experts the defense department had the opportunity to see the set of technical documentation for the proposed military units. Considering that all research and development company previously conducted independently, the fact of direct acquaintance with the Ministry of Defense prototype weapons could be considered as "Happy Birthday" of the first Ukrainian ship’s automatic firing module. Where it used to, "will enter into the metric" — in the church, in the mosque or in the national registry office — time will tell.

The family of automatic weapon stations "Impulse" designed to engage manned and unmanned airborne threats, including low-flying anti-ship missiles, small-size high-speed targets at sea, soft-skinned and lightly armored coastal targets, and also for the execution of floating mines. Martial modules can also be used to protect offshore platforms, major coastal infrastructure, various hydraulic structures to deal with underwater diversionary forces and means of the enemy.

As the developers, feature presented by military units that they are not an attempt to "omoryachivaniya ‘existing land systems with all their fundamental shortcomings, and specially designed for surface ship weapons and boats of the Ukrainian Navy and the Marine Protection of the State Border Service of Ukraine. With their design originally laid very specific requirements for equipment designed to operate at sea. This takes into account not only the work in the ship’s pitching associated with this increased congestion, but also significantly increasing the range, the increased requirements for the work of detection, the accuracy of the drives, the range of angles pointing to the control system as a whole.

Family of combat units "Pulse 2" in its composition has an array of opto-electronic sensors detect targets, gyrostabilization unit, which provides stabilization in the vertical and horizontal planes, the automatic capture and tracking of targets. The all-digital fire control system combined with high-precision actuators guidance provides a substantial increase in combat effectiveness of the weapon by means of air attack. Digital systems, in contrast to the electro-mechanical, characterized by a high stability save your equipment in time, to ensure reliable operation under conditions of sea pitching, do not require additional alignments in the operation, you can create a qualitatively new comfortable environment for the operator. In addition, the work of "a figure" makes it easy to change the composition of weapons with different ballistics, it is easy to integrate military units in combat information management system that allows lightning fast and the best use of all available resources and opportunities ship. Multi-channel electro-optical sighting system comprising a television camera, an infrared camera and a laser range finder to ensure reliable operation under low light at distances up to 7.5 km. Engineers worked out in advance the option to install optical-electronic sighting system that can work with confidence at ranges up to 25 km. The application of modern optoelectronics is not a fashion statement, but due to several factors, economic and technical constraints. Compared with the radar stations by price / quality optical-electronic means more competitive. Working in the optical range, characterized by a shorter wavelength than optical media radar systems are more accurate, have virtually no dead zones (in radar blind spots caused by the radio pulse duration). Electro-optical sighting system can be placed directly on a combat unit, which eliminates errors in the work associated with the equidistance module and the detection and tracking of targets. EOPK can also be mounted on a ship’s mast, that the use of strong optics extends the range of action, to ensure the work of several gun mounts. Mounted on the mast of optical-electronic means can be used for surveillance around the clock for surface and air situation around the ship without power-gun mounts. Integration of TV cameras with infrared modernized facilities to successfully meet the challenges in the night. The introduction of laser rangefinder
s to provide more accurate distance to the target. It should be noted that the complex works in the passive mode is not unmasking carrier and causing enemy fire itself. Application of optoelectronic devices can solve such problems are difficult to solve by means of radar. Optics provides work in the fight against low-flying targets, by radio waves objects (for greyhound inflatable boats with non-metallic enclosures, unmanned vehicles, etc.). However, it is less prone to jamming action. At the same time, the complex provides for work in the receive mode, the external target designation from the ship’s radar, which provides work for disproportionately long range, including in adverse weather conditions. The digital control system provides remote control of fire in stand-alone mode of television-optical device from control by fire housed in a specially equipped room inside the ship (main version). To provide backup fire control by suddenly detected targets a mode of operation with the upgraded line of sight column.

The maximum range of options "payload" defined by the customer, allows the combat modules, as capital ships, and on small gunboats with a relatively small displacement. Along with the basic circuit module with a 30-mm automatic cannon (ABM-301) to develop a version of modules that have in their composition:

— 23-mm gun 2A14;

— The 30-mm gun and 40-mm grenade launcher UAG-40 (ABM-M30G);

— gun and rocket-propelled grenade launcher RG-55 (ABM-M30 IWG);

— two launchers and 6 guides for firing rocket-propelled grenades at the WG-55 (ABM-IWG);

-30-mm cannon in conjunction with missile complex "Barrier" (ABM 301RK);

— 30-mm cannon with a 12.7-mm machine gun (ABM M30PKT).

And this set of "Payload" is not limited to these examples. In order to support amphibious landing variant designed 140-mm MLRS naval complex (ABM-P9). He, along with an artillery unit with the possibility of completing its missile weapons, has caused the greatest interest at the command of the Ukrainian Navy. As noted by those present represented modules "on order" is better than what previously could offer industry sailors.

During the discussion, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral Yury Ilyin against NTP "Pulse 2" noted that after seven years of operation of the enterprise for export, probably all the same it’s time to arm their own naval forces. It is time to change the ideology of purchases: it’s time to move from the practice of many years of research to the procurement of arms manufactures, Yu.Ilin said, thanking the management and staff of the company "Impulse-2" for the work done in recent years a lot of work to repair the arms of the Ukrainian Navy ships. The commander reminded that today continues to build corvettes, and the following year the fleet expects to receive the first two small gunboats, is also working to establish high-speed naval platforms, "Lan".

Yu.Ilin expressed the hope that in August and September of this year, in close cooperation with the experts of the company naval test modules can be completed on the sea. To accelerate the commander suggested the use of the available opportunities of shooting complexes in the special maritime simulating the excitement platforms, or even install a module on one of the ships of the Ukrainian Navy to conduct test operation. According to the management of the fleet, an important role in the creation of new naval weapons should play and Nikolaev shipbuilders. On the example presented by the family of naval weapon stations, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Admiral Igor APU Kabanenko invited all professionals involved to finally decide to customer requirements, to re-examine the existing guidelines in terms of adopting the models of arms and military equipment developed without the involvement of the budget, and in if necessary — to specify them to simplify procedures. However, NTP "Pulse 2" and plans to continue to rely solely on their own resources in the creation and improvement of weapons, offering customers a ready-made solutions.

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