On the basis of the Bashkir State University opened a Center for Space Services

On the basis of the Bashkir State University Center opened space services, the service is based on data from satellite monitoring of the Earth

This project is carried out on the basis of geographic information and web-portal technology. As the director of the Center of Shaykh Islam Kutushev, to represent the interests of the new structure in the country will Bashkir State University

"Modern space technologies give people a real opportunity with the orbital altitude online to monitor a variety of objects — bridges, power plants, industrial plants, architectural buildings, roads, — explained Shaykh Islam Kutushev. — You can use them to carry out surveying, cadastral work mezhevat rural, urban and suburban land. And even watch the service function of the regional economy and monitor the degree of contamination of air and water ".

The Director noted that "Satellite monitoring system allows to predict natural and technological hazards in the operation of oil and gas complex, rapidly get high-precision and reliable information in a common coordinate system and real-time".

Kutushev sure "With the help of space technology even parents can monitor their own child. Enough in his pocket to put the sensor, and all the movement of the child will be monitored on a monitor desktop computer".

The project is to create a space service centers in Russia supported by the Russian Space Agency. At the XV International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies-2010", he won a gold medal in the category "Best innovative solution"

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