On the basis of the city hospital number 1 Penza open primary vascular center

In the 12 days since the opening of the center’s specialists have developed a highly professional rendering of the emergency and urgent care. Opening on the basis of 1st city hospital primary vascular center — a very important measure of the preservation of life and health of the Penza region.

The establishment is designed for 235 beds and has two offices in cardiology intensive care unit, two — and one of neurology intensive care unit. In the departments of cardiology to provide emergency care to patients with heart attacks and PIS. Experts neurological departments provide assistance to patients with severe abnormalities of the brain vessels, mainly stroke.

Neurology patients receive care using modern diagnostic tools: computer tomography equipment for ultrasound blood vessels of the brain. Purchased multifunctional bed. All the corridors are equipped with rails for easy movement of patients.

Primary Vascular Center serves the residents of the city of Penza, and Luninsky, bessonovskoy, Issinsky, Gorodishchenskoye, Shemisheysky, Nicholas, Penza districts.

The work of the primary vascular center is organized in the framework of the modernization of health care in the Penza region for 2011-2012. The repair of premises and equipment acquisition has been allocated more than 200 million rubles.

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