On the basis of the Moscow State University. University and they MNIOI PA Herzen established the Centre for the training of medical physicists.


Unique courses for medical physicists in the era of acute shortage of highly skilled professionals organized at the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov and MNIOI them. PA Herzen.

Today, Russia is developing intensively the area of radiation therapy (radiotherapy), recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods to combat malignant tumors. Modern radiation therapy — is strictly a scientific discipline based on fundamental physical and technical security, radiobiological rationale and progress of experimental and clinical oncology.

However, the Russian branch of radiotherapy is still lagging behind the developed countries for several decades. And it’s not just the presence of modern equipment — this issue has been solved by the national program to improve the delivery of cancer care to the population, in which, from 2009, is re-Russian hospitals latest high-tech equipment. The main problem is the acute shortage of highly qualified personnel.
Technical re-equipment of oncology centers revealed an uneasy situation: there is new equipment that can save lives, and to work on it to no one. The fact that the work on the modern equipment is a complex process and requires a separate training. In particular, none of the radiology department today can not do without a qualified medical physicists, who are the most important element in the preparation and treatment process.

Today, the use in clinical practice, a complex of high-tech medical equipment is unthinkable without the participation of such experts. They play an important role in the planning and conduct of radiation oncology patients. The requirements for the profession are very high. Specialty involves a combination of physical and mathematical education, and additional medical training of high level.

Unfortunately, at the present time of high medical physicists in Russia can be counted on one hand. Acute shortage of such professionals and recognize the medical institutions that have received under onkoprogrammy the latest medical equipment. To solve this problem on the basis of the Moscow State University. University and they MNIOI PA Herzen with the participation of JSC «MSM-MEDIMPEKS" was created Training center for medical physicists.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «MSM-MEDIMPEKS", MD, Professor Dmitry Balalykin spoke about how the training will be held at the Center:

"The leaders of the curriculum of the Center are the main oncologist Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Professor V. Chissov and rector of Moscow State University, Professor AP Tchernyaev. The first training center will be held from 1 to 19 October 2012 and will focus on the physical principles of radiation therapy and nuclear medicine. The program is designed for professionals with a degree in physics and mathematics, or engineering sciences.

The aim of the training course is to provide knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in a high-tech medical equipment and provide physical and mathematical, technical or engineering support modern methods of diagnosis and therapy.

The program includes the following types of activities: lectures, seminars, conferences, laboratory training at Moscow State University, and a clinical practicum in MNIOI behalf PA Herzen. This is important because students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, and the equipment with which they will be working in the future. The ratio of hours of theoretical and practical parts of the program are in the approximate ratio: 1:1. The total training program is 80 hours. At the end of training students are given certificates. Some of the teachers included leading Russian and foreign experts of the industry.

A well-chosen faculty and curriculum developed will allow both beginners to experts, and experienced professionals to get answers to pressing questions, and acquire specific skills. "

Certainly, the work of the Centre will not solve the problem overnight staffing industry. However, the high potential of the project noted several dozen Russian oncology centers and dispensaries, expressing not only of great interest to the faculty and curriculum, but also the intention to train their staff.




In the photo:

The appearance and structure of the accelerator circuit ELEKTA Axesse, established in MNIOI them. PA Herzen. This equipment will undergo practical training.

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