On the basis of the Yaroslavl Lyceum number 21 opened a training center Komatsu

March 29 on the basis of Yaroslavl Lyceum number 21 opened a training center "Komatsu", equipped with a modern tool for a variety of welding.

— We see that within the cluster engineering specialty welder is in demand — said the deputy. Yaroslavl region governor Victor Kostin. — But we need a new level of training of specialists capable of working on a serious high-tech equipment... 

Since 2006, on the basis of the Lyceum number 21 acts Resource Center welding profile, set up in accordance with the target program "Ensuring the priorities of economic development of the Yaroslavl region with qualified personnel workers and professionals ". Graduates in demand: the demand for welders in the labor market exceeds the supply, allowing them to select promising jobs.



 Company "Komatsu" willingly cooperated with the Yaroslavl region in the training of qualified personnel. Lyceum number 21 — the third institution in the region, working in the area of mutual interest: in this row — Yaroslavl State Technical University and the College of Rybinsk. 


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