On the bobsleigh track in Sochi hosted the first official competitions

March 18 and 19 at the Olympic complex "Sledge" Championship was Russia’s bobsled and skeleton. For the first time in the history of Russian sports such competitions were held on the territory of our country.

In the framework of the Russian Championship in luge races were held on 23 and 24 March. The competition was held among men and women in singles, doubles and crews in the relay.

Athletes unanimously agree that the Sochi route to the highest standards, is a moderately challenging, interesting, but at the same time safe.


The length of the route is 1814 meters. On the track, there are five starting areas at different heights and distances from the finish. On the new track a lot of attention paid to security. The height difference between the start and the finish — 135 meters. The highest point is the area of male to start the sled. It is situated at an altitude of 840 meters above sea level.   

"I am pleased with the race. Great track, speed, if you enter the right turn, no problem. Very well prepared ice, the path profile I like — his impressions luger Ivan Nevmerzhitskiy. — If you evaluate the results of all the races of the season, at the Sochi track we were the best we have good progress. The more we train on this track, the more we have rolled forward, the higher the chances of our team to victory in 2014. "  


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