On the Caspian Flotilla received the latest multibeam echo sounders

In the framework of the federal target program "Global Positioning System" and the state defense order for 2012 hydrographic survey ships of the Caspian flotilla received two sets of advanced multi-beam echo sounders.

The main purpose of this equipment — inspection of the bottom waters of sea ports, searching underwater objects, measuring the depth from 20 to 11 sq m and maritime safety as the Caspian flotilla of ships and civilian ships.

Advantage multibeam is that for one measurement at a frequency of 1 second are produced

288 depth measurements (by light) on the bottom area of 50 to 200 m2 with an accuracy of 0.5% of the depths. The resulting image is displayed on the bottom topography color display in real time. Standard single-beam echo sounder for the same time allows you to measure the depth of 6-8.

In addition to new sonar on the Caspian Flotilla completed trial operation and put into non-stop operation mode station satellite navigation system GLONASS in its area of responsibility.

This system allows a high degree of accuracy (up to 10 m) and reliability to determine the location of surface ships and commercial vessels.

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