On the construction of Kambarata-1 (Kyrgyzstan) began drilling

Engineering and technical drilling operations began at the site Kambarata-1 in Kyrgyzstan, which is produced with the participation of "Inter RAO UES".

Kyrgyzstan and Russia agreed to build Kambarata-1 and a cascade of small hydropower plants on the Naryn River in the past year. The project involves the construction and operation of the Kambar-Ata-1 hydropower plant and transmission lines to supply electricity contiguous states.

For its realization was established Russian-Kyrgyz company "KambaratinskayaGES-1", in which 50% is owned by "Inter RAO UES". It is expected that the average annual electricity generation Kambarata be more than 4.3 billion kilowatt-hours, the expected life of the plant construction is seven years, and the payback period of 12.5 years.

On the alignment of the power plant, the following:

— given a project to drill under 5 engineering 93mm diameter wells:

— completed drilling and exploration wells number 1 (the right bank of the dam target)

— begun preparatory work for the beginning of drilling the well number 2;

— prepared site for the drilling of the well number 3;

— 16km restored. access road to the alignment Kambaratinskaya GE1 for exploration;

— avtotropa restored through the area villages Belaldy, mysql-Suu on the right bank of the alignment plant for the production of exploration (geophysical and drilling of wells number 4 and number 5)

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