On the construction of Kursk NPP-2

  • View of the Kursk nuclear power plant
  • View of the Kursk nuclear power plant

Most important for the future of my home town of Kurchatov and important for the development of the whole area is a project of the Kursk Kursk NPP-2. Currently, the project is beginning to shift from phase to phase promises action (knock on wood and spit over his shoulder :)) In my blog I’ll try to keep readers up to date with news about its construction. 

Today, at the Kursk nuclear power plant employs four nuclear reactors of the RBMK-1000. The first two blocks (in the photo above — the left-most tube) were put into operation in 1976 and 1979, the third and fourth (the tube closest to the center) in 1983 and 1985. Began construction of 3 stages (5 and 6 blocks, the left tube in the photo), but poor funding in the 90’s, skompromentirovannost RBMK reactors of the Chernobyl accident and its obsolescence, strongly inhibited the implementation of the first 3 stages of the project, and has now led to a complete abandonment despite high readiness 5th block.

Kursk nuclear reactors honestly serve the people (since start-up has been produced over 765.386 billion kWh), they had no serious accidents, but any device and are subject to physical and obsolescence (30 — 40 years served yet), and so the question of their change is highly relevant.

Project Kursk NPP-2 involves the construction of two power units with VVER VVER-TOI (With the possibility of further extension of up to 4 units as the decommissioning of old). The new units will have 1,255 MW of generating capacity each. The project cost is a two-component plant — about 200 billion rubles.

Currently defined contractor: JSC "Nizhny Novgorod inzhiringovaya company" AEP ". Chosen place under construction — site" Makarovka "near the existing nuclear power plants. Public hearing was held, confirmed support for the construction of the inhabitants of Kurchatov.

Start of main works planned for 2016. Now start working on tidying up the construction bases left over from the construction of the first nuclear power plant.

In addition to construction of the plant is planned to replace the Complex facilities for radioactive waste (KPRAO). The system is designed for processing and temporary storage of radioactive waste accumulated during the operation of the old plant and the operation of the new one.

The general contractor of the project KPRAO — JSC "NIKIMT Atomstroy." It is now also held public hearings on the project and the site identified for construction.

In the future, try to keep readers up to date on the construction of Kursk NPP-2.

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