On the construction of Mining Deer creek continues construction of buildings concentrator

In the Murmansk region on the construction of GOK "Deer Brook" continues processing factory buildings construction and installation of production equipment.

The body is crushing steel erection operator, conveyor, crushers, work on the device cover the hopper. In the bunker crushed ore works on shelter Gallery G2 and the preparation for pouring the floor.
In cases of secondary and tertiary crushing, filtration and drying, concentration mounted building envelope.
In KFiS performed preparatory work for the installation of the dryer drum, which is already inside the building, at the same time is roofing.
In the case of enrichment produced by mixing concrete foundation slabs, mounted rumble Derek; being prepared for installation of overhead crane.

The construction of inter-mains to objects with closed contours.
Work is being completed in buildings repair facilities — industrial building and office technology service and repair, is equipping classrooms and workplaces. In the near future will be one of the existing facilities administrative building, and part of the professionals working at the moment in the building of the combine in Koashva, will move from the village to the industrial site, closer to future production. Service Logistics engaged in the acquisition of office furniture, office equipment, multimedia equipment for the auditorium. Office for catering deals with the purchase of equipment for the dining room and the choice of the enterprise — the organizer of supply. Work is also underway to establish a health center in ABK.
     Steady throughout the European territory frosts seriously complicate the work of the builders. However, the work does not stop for a single day.
     Another problem — an abundance of snow. Cleaning the area of it is practically around the clock. Snow is exported to the territory of the tailings in order to store water for the process.
     Ongoing mining works on the construction pit and underground mine transport tunnels.
     At present, the construction of Mining employs about 2,200 people. A growing number of installers, increasing the number of employees "SZFK", and soon the total number of people employed in the construction of the mine will reach 3-3.5 thousand.
    Main tasks: in February — to provide a construction project in accordance with the specifications required number of pipes, cables, electrical materials, in March to close the loop of all the buildings located at the site, and continued with the installation of equipment, in April-May perform technological strapping equipment, electrical work , installation and commissioning of instrumentation and automation.
In mid-May 2012 is planned for the so-called "cold start" of the complex ore preparation, perform a complete cycle of ore crushing and reload it in polubunkerny warehouse.
In the subsequent period up to the end of June will continue commissioning, binding, finishing equipment and training to technology start-up. On July 1, 2012 will implement technology start-processing plant and to start working out the regimes and regulations enrichment. By that time, will be produced and accumulated in the ore stock 500 tons of ore per year — not less than 1.2 million tonnes

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