On the Diamond was launched on the Diamond and laid the ice-class patrol vessel project 22120

Solemn ceremony of launching the border patrol ship "Brilliant" Project 22460 was held on November 25 Of Marine Yard "Diamond" (St. Petersburg). The ship rolled out of the hangar at the floating dock PD-455 companies.

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The lead ship of the series — PSKR "Ruby" (serial number 501) — laid the boathouse OAO "MZ" Diamond "September 3, 2007, launched on 26 June 2009. The first production PSKR (serial number 502), which was given the traditional name for the border guard ship "Brilliant", founded May 12, 2010. In building on the "Diamond" is the second serial ship "Pearl" (serial number 503), founded the company 22 December 2010.

laying of a new ice-class patrol vessel for the Russian Border Guard Service

 Photo source:spb.ru

 Photo source:spb.ru

Fellow Brilliant - Rubin
Fellow Brilliant — Rubin
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Border patrol ship of the second rank of the project developed by the North 22460 Design Bureau in the competition for the patrol ship of the territorial sea of a new generation to replace the obsolete and outdated Soviet-built ships more. Cipher SPKB OCD — "ROPIT-Mars-06", the name of the theme in the Department of the Coast Guard of the Federal Border Service of the FSB — "Hunter".

The contest, announced in the middle of the first decade of the XXI century for the implementation of the concept of the ship of the border of the FSB of Russia, in a difficult competitive St Petersburg won the Northern Design Bureau. Director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, who attended the celebrations in honor of the flag raising ship-katernogo of BO FPS at the head of the FSB PSKR "Ruby" 12 May 2010, noted that the ship is intended to protect sea borders Russia on the Black Sea, and will secure future Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

According Bortnikova, the team of designers and shipbuilders, ship managed to create a new generation of fully satisfying the requirements of the Coast Guard, the Federal Security Service of Russia. As the Director of the Federal Security Service, all 2020 is planned to build on the capacities of "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "25 ships of the Coast Guard project. PSKR "Ruby", built by the Ministry of Health "Diamond" and transferred to the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to border guards of the Border Guard in Novorossiysk in September 2010, fully lived up to his expectations.

In 2010, the ship survived the storm without comment the test, and in October of this year from the board of "Ruby" with the positive results of performance tests conducted helicopter unmanned aircraft system "Horizon Air C-100", intended for search, detection and identification of small high-speed targets at sea a distance of 150 km from the mother ship. In addition, ships of this project are equipped with automated control of the ship and the modern complexes of navigation and communication. For ships of this class for the first time created an unusually comfortable living conditions of the crew, on board facilities include a sauna and a swimming pool.

TTX ship project 22460 — Total displacement — about 650 tons, length — 62.5 meters, width — 11 meters, depth — 3.8 meters. Full speed in calm water — up to 30 knots, range — 3,500 miles, autonomy — up to 30 days. Armament consists of one 30-mm six-barrel gun mount AK-630 and two 12.7-mm machine gun "Kord". Crew — 20 people. On the ship is equipped with sloping stern slipway for tripping rigid-inflatable boats of the inspection. The ship has a landing pad for home light helicopter Ka-226 or UAV, provided pull-fabricated hangar.

Border patrol vessel project 22120, the code "Purga"
The lead ship of the project 22120

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Total displacement — 1066t
Dimensions, m: 71 x 10.4 x 3.44
Full speed of 24 knots
Cruising range of 6,000 miles (14 kt)
Endurance, days: 20
Propulsion: 2h5440 hp, diesel engines ABC 16M VZDC-1000-180, 3 DW "Lindenberg" at 290 kW, 1 DG "Lindenberg" 85 kW
Armament no chance of receiving a helicopter Ka-226
Crew: 25 +5

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