On the Don build greenhouse complex on the Dutch technology.

Today, at the opening of the Russian pavilion at the international exhibition "Green Week in Berlin," the signing of the contract between the company "Aristocrat" and the Dutch firm REVAHO AGRO SERVICES BV for the supply and installation of equipment for the construction of the Rostov region of high-tech greenhouse complex capacity of 19.7 thousand tons of vegetables a year. The contract amount was 82 million euros.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrinnik. On the side of "Aristocrat" in signing participated CEO Oleg Beketov. From the company REVAHO AGRO SERVICES BV has signed a contract CEO of Vassos Asimenos.

The agreement stipulates the delivery and installation of equipment for the establishment of the Rostov region of high-tech greenhouse complex for the production of pollution-free vegetable production.

The project is a greenhouse complex was first presented as part of the collective stand of the Don at the National Agribusiness Exhibition "Golden Autumn-2011" Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev and earned high praise Russian Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrinnik.

Total investment in the project will be about 5 billion rubles, or 125 million euros.

December 6, 2011, a Memorandum of Cooperation of the Government of the Rostov region and the company "Aristocrat" on the construction of the greenhouse complex in Aksai district. A week later, on Dec. 13, an agreement was signed on entering the Dutch firm REVAHO AGRO SERVICES BV in the share capital of equipment worth more than EUR 4 million.

— For our region, this is a promising project — said the intention of creating a greenhouse complex Deputy Governor Don Agriculture Minister Vyacheslav Vasilenko. — The main thing is that the implementation of the investment project has an important social and economic benefits. As a result of its implementation plan to create 400 new jobs.

According to him, the general director of "Aristocrat" Oleh Beketov choice Rostov region for the implementation of the investment project was dictated by a number of reasons:

— First, the favorable climatic conditions of the region — a large number of light-days, a comfortable temperature. Aksay District convenient for us being close to the regional center and convenient logistic interchange. In addition, we are very impressed with our attitude to the project of Don authorities — all of our suggestions were considered non-bureaucratic, quickly and constructively.

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