On the Don increased fishing

The volume of commercial fishing in the Rostov region since the beginning of the year increased by 5% and amounted to 9,511,210 tons.

The main catch accounted for the Black Sea region. However, as reported in the regional administration, a significant part of the catch are less profitable melkoseldevye fish — sprat, anchovy and sprat. In turn Tsimlyanskoe reservoir gave 2,374,460 tonnes of fish.

For restocking hatcheries produced and released into waterways 124,400,000 shares of juveniles of valuable fish species. Including 110 million pieces of bream fry, 9,000,000 pieces of juvenile vimba, 3,000,000 shares of common carp fingerlings, and 2,250,000 pieces of sturgeon juveniles of marine species and 150,000 pieces of juvenile freshwater sturgeon.

Details: http://news.mail.ru/inregions/south/61/6777707/

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