On the drifting station North Pole-39 set new equipment

Participants seasonal expedition "North-2012" on the drifting station "North Pole-39" test and install new equipment is delivered, and replace the vacancy equipment, yesterday told the press service of the AARI.

It also clarified that a few days ago in the northern part of the ice-based station was an increased dynamics of the ice. Polar ice continues to conduct regular research record dynamic processes in the ice cover at the station with installed seismometers and seysmonaklonomerov. Works as stand-alone buoy IMBB (Ice Mass Balance Buoy) to determine the weight of the ice and atmospheric parameters. Information on snow depth and ice thickness, the temperature distribution within the ice, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, thanks to the satellite system quickly enters the AARI in national and international data collection system for use in synoptic numerical models of the ocean and the atmosphere.

The researchers also carried out the standard meteorological observations of temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature of the underlying surface and forming the radiation balance in increments of 1 minute.

Ongoing and special meteorological studies. In particular, observations of the concentration of methane and carbon dioxide in increments of one minute in the under-ice layer of the atmosphere, gradient and the fluctuating observation, measurement of temperature in the snow cover.

As for oceanographic research, the scientists performed five sounding instrument ocean SBE 19 Plus.

Polar also conducted another study using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In particular, it can get information about ice conditions near the station. Was done taking pictures and video in the infrared range. On the descent of UAVs in the polar station measured wind speed and direction.

Computational technique works flawlessly, including stable functioning wireless (Wi-Fi) information network that combines all personal computers station. Diesel generators provide uninterrupted power supply to consumers. Two tractors and two snowmobiles are in working order. One snowmobile repair.

Station staff healthy. Since the opening of the NP-39 for 200 days overall drift was 1,104.3 km, the average temperature of minus 22.8 degrees.

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