On the eve of the professional holiday in Blagoveshchensk were honored Energobuilders

On the eve of the professional holiday in Blagoveshchensk were honored Energobuilders

On the eve of the Day of Energy, on the occasion of commissioning of 500 kV "Amur — Heihe" to the state border and 220 kV "A key — Magdagachi", Solemn meeting and award the best Energobuilders group of companies "Indastek."

In a ceremony attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Amur region, Alexander Jidkov, my congratulations on the occasion of such a momentous event director sent MES East — branch of JSC "FGC UES" Russian Sergei Smirnov and power construction of the Far Eastern College Anatoly Keldyushev.

Noting the contribution Energobuilders to the region, Alexander Jidkov emphasized "energy for our region — it is not just one of the leading budget-making industries. It is an integral part of the life of our region with a harsh climate, without which the normal development of the territory. "

Commissioning of the overhead line "Amur — Heihe" allowed to implement the first phase of the investment project to increase exports of electricity from Russia to China from 1 to 4.5-5 billion kilowatt hours per year. Currently, the transmission of electricity to the territory of the PRC, to the region in the border city of Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, is in two interstate transmission lines, "The Annunciation — Heihe" (110 kW) and "The Annunciation — Aigun" (220 kW). Because of the low capacity of these lines is the maximum amount of power transmission limited 1.2 billion kWh per year.

Commissioning of 220 kV "A key — Magdagachi" is an important step in the implementation of the program of measures to ensure the power output of the Zeya hydroelectric power stations, as well as increase network capacity in an easterly direction to improve the reliability of electricity supply grid Amur.
The group of companies "INDASTEK" — provides the whole range of design and construction of electric power facilities of any complexity on the whole territory of Russia. The rich experience of the construction electrical substations, overhead and cable transmission lines of different voltage class allows for high carry out a wide range of activities, from design, supply complete sets of equipment and materials to carry out the construction, installation and commissioning works.

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