On the federal highway construction of the unique

automotive recess

In the north of the Amur region began a large-scale reconstruction of 30 km of federal highway "Lena" — from 93 th to the 123rd kilometer. Dozens of excavation work for the construction of complex notches pass through the Onon — the highest point of the road "Lena" in the Amur region. Our reporter visited the construction site that stretches for several kilometers, and estimated scope of the work.

About 70 kilometers separate the epicenter Tynda and road construction on the Amur part of the track "Lena", where excavation complexes Bamstroymekhanizatsia punched a unique groove. Drive we overcome an hour. This winter, when snow and frost thanks to the federal highway "Lena" wraps in "Yakut" asphalt. In the summer, to drive those miles, motorists spend two or even three times longer. Numerous curves, climbs and descents, endless potholes, creeks make the Amur-Yakutsk highway route in life and one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

— The track is very tricky, especially in the summer when in some areas it is virtually impassable due to thawing of the soil, and in the offseason. In spring and autumn, even with chains on the wheels is not always possible to climb the steep slopes — says trucker Igor Smirnov. — How many cars on the "Lena" went into a ditch, rolled over!

The fact that the federal highway Bolshoy Never — Yakutsk is in extremely poor condition, known in Rosavtodor, but to find billions of rubles for its reconstruction was problematic, as in the Far East and Trans-Baikal region was under construction highway "Amur". With the end of major works on the road Chita — Khabarovsk Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during a tour of the track "Cupid" in September 2010, it was decided to allocate substantial funds for the reconstruction of federal roads "Ussuri", "Kolyma", "Lena".

Since 2011, the Directorate of road construction PKU "Far East" was announcing auctions for the upgrade of the most problematic areas of federal highways. In the first place, it was decided to complete the work on those areas that have started to rebuild in 90 years but gave up due to lack of funds. The next stage — the most vulnerable in terms of traffic safety areas. One of them is located in the Amur region between Tynda and Soloviev and runs through the pass Onon.

— In October, beginning of November, when there were heavy snowfalls, there were serious traffic jams: cars were standing on both sides of the pass. After all, many drivers were traveling in Yakutia on summer tires, no chains. Of course, such a machine could not get through these difficult areas. Our Mekhkolonna was of great help truckers. To lift heavy trucks, and we used our bulldozers, graders were clearing snow drifts — says chief engineer MK-16 Valery Medvedev. — Now the situation has returned to normal, and there is no such problem.

Millions of cubic meters of Onon

Part of the federal highway "Lena", which is now being reconstructed, has become one of the biggest sites of road construction in the Amur region in recent years. The scope of work here is really impressive. Excavation complexes around the clock at the same time working at several sites: built embankments, cuttings. Against the background of the winter scenery yellow excavators New Holland, dump trucks Astra can be seen from a distance, they create a large-scale picture of the building. Today there are more than 60 pieces of equipment.

— All work carried out on the existing highway, so before you begin to reconstruct a particular section of the route, we have to build a bypass road. On the interval from 93 th to 100 th km backfilled three such roads. In August, we started the construction of the notches on the 95-96th km. It made for 80 percent of the work: the shelf-made ditch, drainage systems, and the second notch on the 97th km and the third largest in the 98-100-th km — shows for the first hundred meters of built notch director MK-16 Dmitry Romanov. — From this excavation is necessary to take almost three million cubic meters of soil. It’s quite a lot of work. The soil is transported to dumping sub grade with the 93rd km, and the following year transportation distance will be more than 20 km one way.

From the south notch build Tyndinskiy MK-16, and from the north — MK-74. A distinctive feature of the recess that its depth is 33 meters. According to this characteristic, it is unique and has no analogues on the roads of Russia. And on the railroads of their units. To overcome the rock come to the aid of machine-blasters. Every three days, during daylight hours over the Onon was all about. First on the field about the size of 80 by 80 meters deep well drilled 5 meters, which is laid ammonite, then they are connected safety fuses thread. Before the explosion site with all the techniques of machine output: excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, with both sides at a safe distance traffic is blocked on the federal highway. Minute, two, three … earth shudders, then start to appear over the field blasted rock clubs, and a few seconds later hear the sound of the explosion. Approximately 15,000 cubic meters of rock are now available excavators. This volume is sufficient for machine-three days. So shelf for shelf excavation systems are moving into the recesses.

Watch at height

Overcoming pass Onon, machine operators have already faced insidious permafrost. On the slopes of the already constructed ice began to form. While there are monitoring them, and next year will be accepted engineering solutions on how to protect the road from icing. During the construction of the largest excavation went groundwater. It is possible that more builders can once again get on the water-bearing vein.

— As they say, the autopsy will tell. While it is difficult to say that there will be deep in the rock. On other sites there were cases that had been frost, ice and then shoots a huge flow of water, the river is beginning to run — says Valery Medvedev.

Among the features of the object — the height above sea level. It is 975 meters. Similar heights were only on the construction of North-bypass tunnel and the construction of a railway between Berkakitom and Aldan. Such height causes high blood pressure, lack of oxygen. However, builders are not scared. According to them, the main thing that was decent wages. Now the Onon River in a watch works 120. In recent years, according to executives Mekhkolonna, the team stabilized. Comes in Mekhkolonna and youth.

— Of course, I would like to have more young people, but many are deterred by the remoteness of the city. Although, in my opinion, it is on the line you can achieve career growth. I want to mention our surveyor Sergey Kononov. The young engineer came to us after the Institute today shows good performance — emphasizes Dmitry Romanov.

Heroes of change — the chef

Despite the fact that the main characters are on-site machinists excavators, bulldozers, dump truck drivers, machine operators themselves believe that the shift camps very much depends on the chefs who cook almost all day soups, salads sliced, fried meatballs, baked buns … It is up to a delicious and nutritious food depends on performance of those in bitter cold night and day building roads. In November, on a rotational shift in the dining area of the Onon to intercede team headed by Senior Master Chef Natalia.

— We always consider the needs of our men, we try to have a varied menu. At the dining room there is a bakery where our baker Olga Okrushko bakes bread, buns. The bakery works at night, so in the morning on the tables hot cakes. We ar
e preparing and noodles and fish themselves salt, and meat in sweet and sour sauce can cook — says the culinary tastes of machine Natalia Master.

Reconstruction of the 93-123 km of federal highway "Lena" is designed for three years. According to the plan in 2015, this segment of the road will be paved with asphalt, and the estimated speed increase up to 100 km per hour. The following year must pass the next auction, which will be determined by other contractors for the reconstruction of sections of the route "Lena" in the Amur region. With stable funding within five years all federal highway M-56 in the Amur region will be reconstructed. This greatly reduced the travel time from Tynda to the southern towns Tyndinskogo district and regional center.

For the record:

20meters — the height of the mound in some sections 93-123 km.

33meter — a unique depth of the cut on the pass Onon.

2kilometers — will be reduced by as much length of the section 93-123 km after its reconstruction.

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