On the field there was a first processor Vladimir Build

The first combine harvester "Yenisei Agromach 5000", compiled in Vladimir, Suzdal left on the field. If his testing goes well, it is quite possible, Vladimir technology will compete with the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Harvester working in the fields of breeding farm "Starodvorskie" Suzdal region for two weeks. Reviews of villagers — positive. Together with a handsome "Agromach Yenisei 5000" run and new tractors from VMTZ. The other day, an official presentation of technology: "Starodvorskie" gathered heads of households, the representatives of the Russian Concern "Tractor plants" (which includes VMTZ), officials and journalists.

While the guests used the opportunity to sit the cockpit, where everything is computerized, to assess the mechanisms and photographed against Vladimir combine, in the distance were already working in these fields, the usual American "John Diry." 

By the way, the Americans. Our manufacturers claim that the Russian grain in their characteristics are not inferior to "John Diram", and the speed and quality of threshing it even higher. And the price for it — twice lower.

"Agromach Yenisei 5000" — the first processor, released on VMTZ, and such machines are planning to gather at 400-450 per year. However, as long as parts are delivered from Finland, however, according to the deputy. General Director of "VMTZ" on the production technology combines Boris Golev, in the foreseeable future, the plant plans to produce and details.

— This machine is the fifth grade, it allows you to remove up to 11 kg of grain per second — gave a certificate Boris assists. — Benefits — at a very affordable service, the simplicity of the design, in high-power engine. A main distinguishing feature — the machine is running at a humidity of 30%. This is important because in our region are often the morning and evening dew.

Engines for the new processor are Finnish, but they are produced in a joint venture, geographically located in Vladimir. So problems with maintenance also does not arise.

— Do not allow the service to stretched into weeks, months, — says CEO VMTZ Alexander Gudkov. — The machine is operated on the strength of one or two months of the year. If he stood up during harvest time — a real emergency. Therefore, the service must be on hand. This is not possible, when it comes to imported machinery and engines. Here — it’s different.

Farmers themselves in the estimates of domestic appliances were more restrained.

— Our business executives while watching, evaluate, — says the head of Suzdal region, Mikhail Ivanov. — The price of the combine has not made public. If it is real, then we can carry on a conversation. I suppose that this processor is cheaper than the "John Deere", but the Americans are reliable, they have proven themselves. So that our farmers could benefit from the purchase of Russian equipment must first see and feel.

In Suzdal area under grain employs more than 22 thousand hectares. Removed more than half — prevent rain. The issue of performance combines here is in the first place. Mikhail Ivanov recalled that earlier Suzdal field came out to 150 combine harvesters, though older models. Now — about fifty new, "Western", with great performance. But they are not enough to buy another — it’s expensive. So the appearance of cheaper domestic technology is quite important.

— State task today — to develop domestic appliances — gives out the theme of the regional director of the Department of Agriculture and Food Vyacheslav Gusev. — And so it is very important that today’s event was a continuation to this technique has found buyers in the face of our manufacturers.

— Today we have yet to see how processors work — on the question of whether to purchase the Vladimir farm machinery, to the Director of PZ "Starodvorskie" Alexander Gorshkov. — Now we need to identify all the "pros" and "cons." If the note "cons", it is important to understand whether their producers by eliminating our comments. If so, we will consider buying. We, too, patriots of their area!

…In September, expected another significant event featuring art produced on the Vladimir MTZ. In Croatia, the World Cup will be held on plowing. Russia will take part in the competition on tractors "Agromach 85TK." These tractors and were presented in the Old Yard.

Ploughing Championships will be held at 59 times. Russians participated in it only twice, and not too cool. According to the director of the national agricultural organizations Roman Ivanov, failures are related primarily to the fact that until now the Russian contestants had to use the leased equipment. Now we have a tractor that will compete with foreigners. The competition involved 34 countries, and our task — to get at least into the second ten. The main competitors — the British: Scotland, England, there are very experienced ploughmen.

Tractors — the Vladimir and plows them — Norwegian specially brought a dozen such to participate in the championships. At Suzdal presentation to the Norwegian plow was an incident — stuck in a virgin. But the plow purely for competition is made by a special process with a shorter frame, explained the failure of the organizers of the equipment, it will not then be used for plowing the fields for this.

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