On the fifth-generation fighter T-50 install the latest radar

The new fifth-generation fighter T-50, a test that will begin before the end of 2011, will be equipped with the latest radar, which will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the aircraft.

"Currently, the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur completed for flight testing of the third sample promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) — Machine T-50 at number 3", — quotes "Interfax", the words representative of the military-industrial complex.

The third prototype fighter T-50-3 will be equipped with on-board radar (radar) with an active phased array (AESA), which is part of the highly-integrated multi-functional electronic system (VMIRS) fifth generation fighter.

AESA radar "has many new modes of operation that will be applied for the first time in domestic practice."

"It is expected that after a few test flights machine T-50-3 will be used to start working off the radar and radar equipment in the avionics fighters" — said the source.

He stressed that the PAK FA has a fundamentally new avionics integrating the function of "electronic pilot" and promising AESA radar.

"This greatly reduces the load on the pilot and allows you to concentrate on the implementation of tactical tasks. On-board equipment of the new aircraft enables the exchange of data in real time as a land management systems, and within the aviation group, "- said the official.

The first public demonstration of PAK FA took place on August 17, 2011 in Zhukovsky near Moscow at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011.

PAK FA program provides for the establishment, organization of mass production and adoption of the Russian army fighter of the fifth generation. This will enhance the combat potential of the Russian Air Force groups, will help bring the aviation and related industries in the new industrial and technological level, to give impetus to the development of scientific schools, provide a stable load of defense industry enterprises involved in the development and production of the aircraft. This priority program of the company "Sukhoi" will contribute to the development and implementation of materials, element base and high-end technology with a high innovative potential for the aviation industry and the economy of the country, for the development of other projects unified aviation complexes of new generations.

Compared to the previous generation fighter PAK FA has several unique features, combining the functions of attack aircraft and fighter.

The use of composite materials and innovative technology, aerodynamic design aircraft, measures to reduce the visibility of the engine provides unprecedented low level of radar, optical and infrared visibility. This can significantly increase the combat effectiveness of the work of both aerial and ground targets at any time of day, and adverse weather conditions.

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