On the first car entered PrivZhD Laboratory Atlanta

Wagon-laboratory "Atlant" stationed at the station Saratov-1 and serves Saratov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions of the Volga Railroad.
The car is designed for automated assessment of travel devices railway automation and remote control (RAT), related to the safety of trains.
According to head coach Anton Seliverova, the main difference between the new car-laboratory automation and remote control from the previous models is the availability of equipment to determine the magnetization of the rail lashes. 

In addition, the car is equipped with GPS. Here video surveillance to monitor the situation in the way. Has changed and the service and the technical part of the car: it has 4 compartments for crew rest rooms, showers with hot water, a kitchen-dining room, air conditioning. 
Wagon laboratory automation and remote control "Atlas" can be operated as a separate locomotive and included in the composition of passenger trains.

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