On the GCC Vympel laid maritime passenger hydrofoil new generation of Comet 120M

Today on "Shipbuilding plant" Vympel "the laying of sea passenger hydrofoil new generation of" Comet 120M "Project 23160 (serial number 02701), the development of" CDB SEC them. RE Alexeev. "

At the ceremony the ship participated Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

"I want to say that the last time such a technique in our country was built about 20 years ago and the new vessel will be built on a completely new technology" — said the Falcons before loading the ship at a government meeting area. The Minister added that the implementation of such scientific and technical developments will create new opportunities for passengers not only on the major rivers of Russia but also in the Black Sea basin and the basin of the Baltic Sea.

"Of course, this traffic will be much in demand. Passenger traffic is significantly lower today than it was during the Soviet Union, and it is such projects will help us to recover this amount and take the load off of our federal highways," — said the Minister. At the ceremony were announced terms of construction of a new vessel — 9-10 months.

Sea-going passenger hydrofoil new generation of "Comet 120M" is designed for high-speed passenger traffic during daylight hours in the salon, equipped with chairs aircraft type.

Area of operation
Sea marine tropical climate
R3-RSN (hv3 2.5% m).
Removal from the port — asylum in the open seas of up to 50 miles.

Ship Class KM [2] Hydrofoil craft Passenger-A of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

SEC to allow movement of the wing mode, with wave height hv3%
up to 2.0 m and winds of up to 4 points.
At the height of the waves hv3% to 2.5 meters and winds of up to 5 points — can safely swim in the displacement mode.


Overall length, m 35.2
Overall width, m 10.3
Displacement, t 73.0
Draught afloat, m 3.5
, Knots 35
Crew 5
Seating capacity, persons: 120
• beauty business class 22
• Economy Class 98
Engine power, kW 2 x 820
Fuel flow rate, kg / h 320
Range at full displacement, miles 200
Endurance, hours 8

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