On the guard of the Northern Sea Route: ASW patrol aircraft altitude polar

Northern Fleet aircraft began patrolling the Northern Sea Route. Flight missions in the polar latitudes, crews completed the Il-38 and Tu-142. The task of the pilots — not only to ensure the safety of navigation, but also to carry out aerial reconnaissance of the Arctic waters.

For the crew of anti-IL-38 — this is an ordinary flight. And the mundane task — search and investigation. Only zone air patrols this time shifted far to the east. ASW aircraft is sent along the Northern Sea Route, the shortest shipping route from Europe to Asia.

Behind was the rocky shore of the Kola Peninsula. Next flight will be just above the water. Course — in the north-west, where the port of Murmansk sent large tankers and bulk carriers. Because of the heavy cargo of ice melting on the Northern Sea Route has grown considerably. By 2020 it is expected to reach fifty million tons and become a major national thoroughfare to deliver goods to the Asian region.

The Northern Fleet has marked its presence here. Last fall, for the first time along the Northern Sea Route has gone grouping of warships led by the flagship — nuclear missilecruiser "Peter the Great". Now and naval aviation in the IL-38 starts regular patrols of strategic importance to the country’s shipping route. "Planes fly over long distances in the air up to 10 hours, — says Sergey Checherov, acting chief of the naval aviation of the Northern Fleet. — They can perform a variety of tasks, from searching submarines to assist vessels in distress."

The main weapon of the Il-38 — his "eye" means tracking. With their help, the plane can control the vast area with a radius of two and a half thousand kilometers. Upon detection of enemy submarines it can detect and destroy its torpedoes. This plane — a reliable, its characteristics has no analogues. "In these polar regions we can to operate in virtually any environment — says Igor Pupynin, commander of the Aviation Unit anti-IL-38. — And in low visibility conditions, and" minimum "weather."

In this flight, the pilots were lucky with the weather. Only the sun, which appeared after the long polar night, a little complicated visual inspection. At the time, while the crew of Major Pupynin was in the air, on the basis of the class preflight briefing received by other crews IL-38. In their flight missions — also coordinates the eastern sector of the Barents and Kara Seas.

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