On the high ground in Abkhazia launched a new range of equipment strelbischnogo

On the high range of the Russian military bases in Abkhazia Tsabal (400 m above sea level) launched a new training complex strelbischnogo computer equipment.

The complex consists of two modules, equipped with computers and radio transmitters. Now the whole process of shooting and its control provide 140 targets and 40 radio-controlled lifts, capable of transmitting a radio signal when hit the target, automatically raise and lower the learning objectives at a distance of up to 1000 meters. All this is displayed on the monitor at the operator at the control. The new complex allows the head of training for fire training during firing to give the so-called mode "online" student guidance on adjusting their actions at the turn of the discovery of fire.

Using the modular complex strelbischnogo equipment has enabled high-level to prepare more than 200 servicemen of the Russian military base.

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