On the hockey Russian classics in Krasnoyarsk set a record CHL

February 17 in Krasnoyarsk, the first in the modern history of Russian hockey match in the open air — "Russian classics." 

According to official data, record the KHL, VHL and MHL in Krasnoyarsk install failed — to "Russian classics" in the stands was attended by 16,100 fans! Previous record belongs to Minsk — where 15,650 spectators gathered. The game was part of the sports program IX Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.  


After two periods of Yaroslavl "Locomotive" led 3-0 and reduce the gap, much less get ahead, Krasnoyarsk "Falcon" was almost unreal. But the puck "prestige" Krasnoyarsk still managed to score — Anatoly Raenko and Artem Potylitsin assisted by Dmitry Tikhonov, who successfully used the moment and sent the puck into the goal of "Locomotive". The scoreboard for the joy Krasnoyarsk fans on fire, "3:1." In the nearly 3 minutes left in the third period, "Falcon" was able to score a second goal in the opponents’ goal. The author of the second goal was Vitaly Bogdashkin. 3:2 — "Locomotive" is still ahead. More score did not change. Guests from Yaroslavl won in this unique for the history of Russian hockey match.


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