On the island of Kunashir organized bunkering ocean-going vessels

Primorsk Shipping Corporation has established in the port on the South Kuril island of Kunashir bunkering foreign vessels transiting near the Kuril Islands. On March 22 this ship entered the harbor, "Nicolini bulk carrier" under the U.S. flag with a deadweight of 72 thousand tons, ITAR-TASS reported. Fuel is a major ocean port roads, transport, next to the United States from China, gave the tanker "Murad" (home port of Vladivostok). Organization bunkering foreign ships in the South Kurilsk directly involved agency company PMP "Ay-Es-Es Prisco."

As the Director of PHC in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yuri Sinev at the initial stage, the company "Ay-Es-Es Prisco" plans monthly bunker in South Kurilsk 15-20 foreign vessels. Deliver oil from Nakhodka there are tankers of various companies. Over time, a small port-point of the South Kuril has a chance to become a major bunkering hub for the transit fleet.

Every year along the Kuril Islands from South-East Asia to North America and back are a thousand ships. From North America to the Korean peninsula — about 6,000 miles. This distance tanker can pass for 20-22 days, container — for 10-12 days. From the Canadian port of Vancouver to Yuzhno-Kurilsk tanker has to go 18-19 days. The Pacific Ocean along the Kuril transit Court followed at a distance of about 50 miles. Many of them are in need of an intermediate bunker fuel on a huge road between shipping harbors in North America and Southeast Asia. The best place is bunkering South Kuril subject to clearance of ships by the port authorities without delay. Port charges it with foreign vessels with a deadweight of 60 thousand tons to 73 thousand tons are 20-30 thousand dollars.

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