On the island of Russian put the first 5 apartment buildings FEFU

The first 5 sections of the Far Eastern Federal University commissioned. 67,465 square meters of "presidential" numbers have moved from the developer ZAO "Crocus International" in the property Far Eastern Directorate Ministry of Regional Development of Russia.  

 Photo source:vl.ru

On the peninsula of Sapper. Russian was a momentous event — the commissioning of the first five cases Palo. Hotel complex "North", which during the APEC summit-2012 will accommodate 30 leaders of the Asia-Pacific region, put the state commission for 3 months ahead of schedule.

Adopt a future student "hostel" class "3 stars" planned until the end of February 2012, but the leadership of general builder failed to fulfill its obligations in advance.

General Director of ZAO "Crocus International" Aras Agalarov assured that the quality of construction and the use of modern technology advancing the timing had no impact. "With this objective we have coped with honor — the head of the company — until the end of the year will be put into operation a few buildings of the university."

Today we have put Palo body, construction of which began 2.5 years ago — in July 2009. In these rooms during the APEC summit-2012 will be living presidents of the Asia-Pacific region. Later, students will take a comfortable Palo. The area of each Presidential Suite — 150 square meters. m just a campus to be built in 1240 numbers. 

 Photo source:vl.ru

All rooms are furnished and are waiting for their future guests. Each phase of construction to analyze and make the state commission, all the comments, which were incorporated into the construction process. 

In a festive atmosphere Director of ZAO "Crocus International" Aras Agalarov, President Vladimir Palo Miklushevsky and the head of the Far Eastern Directorate Ministry of Regional Development of Russia Oleg Bukalov signed certificate of acceptance buildings. As recognized by Aras Agalarov, this procedure — the signature of one of the 15,000 acts and documents required in order to Palo was built and put into operation. 

"We are happy that the government gave Palo such a wonderful campus — one of the best in the world" — said the rector of the University of Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Despite the fact that previously the head of the Far East "Regional Development" talked about the delay in the construction of economic and financial, and medical buildings, the developers have promised that all buildings will be put Palo ahead of schedule to meet the main rule — do not exceed the limit of funds allocated for their construction. And through the use of modern technologies and consequently cost savings, granite embankment was built and landscape park with a waterfall, fountains and artistic lighting.  

 Photo source:vl.ru

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