On the JV USC and STX Finland laid icebreaker to work on Sakhalin

Helsinki, 19.01.2012.

Company — United Shipbuilding Corporation The cost of the project — EUR 75 million Timeframe for implementation — 2012 to 2013

The Finnish-Russian joint venture «Archtech Helsinki Shipyard Oy» has started construction of the first of the two icebreakers, procurers to service offshore platforms in the Sakhalin oil fields. Customer — the Russian company Sovcomflot, Executive Order — SP Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and the Finnish branch of the South Korean company «STX».

Dimensions of ship — 99.2 m long and 21.7 m wide. The total capacity of 4 ex-engines — 18,000 kW. Load capacity — 3,950 tons vessel is designed to operate in extreme weather conditions, the Sakhalin region at temperatures up to -35 ° C. Icebreaker and rescue supplier will be able to deal effectively with the ice cover up to 1.7 meters in thickness, and at lateral movement is an ice class of ships to supertankers.

The main work will be performed at shipyards in Helsinki, but the work will be transferred to the Vyborg Shipyard.

  As noted at today’s ceremony in Helsinki on the keel of the vessel innovative multi USC President Roman Trotsenko, "the construction of new vessels ice-class — the new experience of Russian-Finnish cooperation in this regard." According to him, "the conclusion of the contract was preceded by a heavy tender which we won thanks to the proposed solution with complex co-operatives, which provides part of Vyborg Shipyard."

As explained by the president of USC, the problem — not just build a Russian customer and give a modern and efficient ship. "Through these projects — we build competence in Russian courts complex" — he said, adding that "already signed another contract for the construction of the" Arktek "trawler with icebreaking functions."

In turn, as noted by the CEO "Arktek" Esko Mustamyaki, "the project, along with the economic components, interesting innovative approach — the patented" oblique "design with asymmetric hull and multi-engine plants."

According Trocenko, "cooperation with Finland in the next 5-7 years is going to be very promising, the total demand of the Russian Arctic is about 20 icebreakers, procurers of this class, there are also plans for a joint entry into the international market."

Help. JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" — the largest shipbuilding company in Russia. Established in 2007 with 100% of the shares in federal ownership. The holding includes more than 50 companies and organizations (major shipbuilding and repair yards, leading design bureaus). At present, on the basis of the USC consolidated about 70% of the domestic shipbuilding industry. The Russian market — the basis for the corporation, which also exports its products to 20 countries around the world.

SCF Group (Sovcomflot) — one of the world’s leading shipping companies, specializing in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied gas. The fleet includes 156 vessels with a total deadweight of 12 million tons. The company is registered in St. Petersburg with offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, London, Limassol, Madrid and Singapore.

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